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Décor is one of those all-important aspects of wedding planning in Goa. How you dress your cocktail party will determine the expectations guests will have for the reception (if it’s a sangeet) or their final memories of your celebration (if it’s a vidaai). Let’s mesmerise them!

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The cocktail party at your destination wedding in Goa will typically have fewer guests than the main reception. Close friends and family are more keen on details so choose something elegant, sophisticated and understated. Even if it’s a colourful event, keep the items of décor few but eye-catching by combining neutral backgrounds with pop hues.

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Dig deep into your wedding planning in Goa and choose fun themes that resonate with your guest list. Think drapes and aromatic candles for a fairytale theme; disco balls, tie-dye and vintage records for a retro party; colourful vases, lanterns and hookah for a Moroccan party. Bohemian and Hawaiian cocktail parties have been quite trendy too.

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If your wedding planning in Goa involves a full-on desi cocktail party, bring on the flower arrangements, parasols and bolsters.


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You’d never imagine, but accessories for your guests can be part of your cocktail party look too. At a desi themed cocktail party, bring in safas for your guests and get specialists to tie them on for those who’d like them. If it’s a Hawaiian theme you’re going for, an arrangement of leis at the entrance offers a warm welcome, gorgeous floral décor, and a party accessory. Bohemian cocktail parties will do well with a touch of colourful wreaths that can be worn by guests or beaded necklaces that can be placed in a bowl as a table centrepiece.

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Scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and delightful spirits are the mainstays of cocktail parties, and it would make great sense to turn them into part of the décor. Use cocktail garnishes that go with your theme - slices of fruit for a tropical do, colours that match the rest of your décor, flowers in ice cubes and coloured rimming salt. Go big on a dessert display or cheese table. Salad bars and chaat stalls (all hail vodka pani puri!) can also make for colourful yet quirky décor that’s both edible and pretty.

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Use chalkboards, rustic wooden planks or elegant frames to highlight your food and drinks menus. Customised glassware can also help solidify your theme in a subtle yet elegant way.

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If your destination wedding in Goa is at a five-star resort, chances are you’ll have a sunset party by the pool. Even if your guests aren’t going swimming, there’s no reason to leave that shimmering sheet of water bereft of décor. Place floating lanterns in the water for a gorgeous glow and add flowers to the mix if the venue rules allow. For less formal parties, you can use balloons in your theme colours, or switch it up with upturned umbrellas filled with flower arrangements.

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You might want to think about adding pretty signboards showing the way to various sections of your cocktail party - bar, buffet, washroom, photo booth, etc.

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