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For months your wedding planning in Goa has gone like clock-work. But there’s always a nagging worry that you’ll forget something the day of your destination wedding in Goa. Despite all the checks and tying up of loose ends by your amazing Goan wedding planner, there are a few things you’ll need to sort out for yourself on D-Day. Let’s roll!


We know the time of the ceremony has been glued into your head from the get-go, but you’ll only stand to exasperate guests if you show up late to your destination wedding in Goa. No, there’s nothing fashionable about it. Estimate the amount of time you normally take to get ready for a big night out, and then double it, and work backwards from there to set an alarm for the time you ought to wake up that morning.

Picture Credits - Darius Fernandes

Last-minute outfit check

If your wedding planning in Goa has gone to the ‘T’, you will have looked at your outfit the week leading up to your big day. Still, we’d advise that the first thing you do on waking up is getting your dress and veil, or suit, shirt and tie out of the bag and giving it the once over. If you see some unruly crinkles, get someone to steam them for you.

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Stay off your feet as much as possible. This includes grooms too. Trust your Goan wedding planner to have everything working at the gorgeous wedding venues in Goa that you have picked for the celebrations. Sit back, engage in some mindful meditation or listen to some music. Que sera sera!

Picture Credits - Studio RDP

Have a healthy breakfast

Your destination wedding in Goa is going to be a full-on party and you’ll need to keep your mood game strong. Eat healthy and eat enough - you don’t want to be hungry two hours later nor do you want to look bloated. The ideal meal will have tons of protein, fat and fibre to fuel you through the day and avoid a sugar crash. We’d advise combinations of whole eggs, avocado, peanut butter, granola and yoghurt, and smoothie bowls.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Long days are notorious for dehydrating you. Add alcohol into the mix and you could end up like a dried prune. Drink lots of water, and then drink some more. Your Goa wedding planner will ideally have bottles of water stashed in strategic locations for you. But you’ll have to remember to crack them open and sip often.


The stunning wedding venues in Goa are the perfect locations for shoots of your destination wedding in Goa. But it’s nice to capture some things at home or the hotel room you are getting ready in. Leave out your rings, invitations and any other items you would like your photographer to capture as you get dressed.

Picture Credits - Darius Fernandes

Cross-check emergency kit

This is one thing we hope you’ll never need but you must include during your wedding planning in Goa. Ensure you haven’t left anything out of your emergency kit. It should include some medical items such as bandaids, a painkiller and any anti-allergy meds you take, as well as personal items such as safety pins, hairpins, preferred menstrual products, lipstick in the colour you’ll be wearing and perfume.

Extra pair of shoes

We’ve seen shoes give way on the big day. Don’t risk it. Just throw an extra pair in the boot of the car for that stroke of bad luck. Or, if you don’t envision yourself nursing sore feet from a day of dancing in stilettos, add a more comfy pair to your wedding pack.

Picture Credits - Darius Fernandes



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