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Love strikes in the most unusual of places. This time, it was on the basketball court. Back in 2007, as a registered basketball coach, Fernando decided a little volunteering would go a long way. Little did he know how far it would actually go.

The college senior took over coaching the juniors team and there she was - the cutest thing on court. Fernando and Griselda already had one thing in common and love just took flight from there.

Picture Credits - Siddesh Mayenkar

Like most long-term relationships, theirs wasn’t without hiccups. They dated, broke up, but eventually found their way back to each other. It was true love, after all! In 2016, enough was enough - it was time to seal the deal.

Picture Credits - Javeri's Goa

Fernando knew it had to be special, so he planned a treasure hunt for the travel-loving beauty he wanted to call his wife. His penchant for meticulous planning, complete with checklists, came in handy.

Picture Credits - Manek Gem Art International

The treasure hunt kicked off on November 20 from Griselda’s home, and traversed a whole bunch of places across Goa that had come to mean a lot to them over the time they knew each other, both as friends and as a couple.

Picture Credits - D'vera Gold and Silver

Griselda had no clue - just that it was a fun treasure hunt. Her smart partner had close friends step in to help take the treasure hunt forward without a glitch.

Picture Credits - TNS Jewellers

It ended at the gorgeous Monte in Old Goa. There, overlooking the jaw-dropping view of the meandering river and the ruins of a bygone era, he asked her to marry him. Needless to say, she agreed!



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