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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Wedding hotels in Goa come alive more so during the sangeet than they do during the reception. It’s that one event during your destination wedding in Goa when you can really let your hair down, bring out the dancer in you and spend quality time with family and close friends.

Picture Credits - The Aces

Traditionally, the sangeet ceremony is a kind of meet-and-greet, where both families get to know each other at the bride’s house. Today, it’s much more than that. It’s an exciting, fun, often high-octane affair that offers the best ‘gram worthy images, reels and videos.

When wedding planning in Goa, keep your sangeet engaging and inclusive for all by ensuring the repertoire of songs and dances encourages participation by both young, old and in-between alike. As you prepare for this happy ceremony at any one of the gorgeous wedding hotels in Goa, we give you a curated list of song options we are sure will rock that party.

Picture Credits - Archies The Band

Picture Credits - DJ Ryan Nogar & DJ Melroy

Evergreen Oldies

For that classic vibe that will get everyone on the dance floor

Picture Credits - Moksha

  1. Mehendi laga ke rakhna

  2. Balle Balle from Bride and Prejudice for that perfect dance-off

  3. Urvashi Urvashi from Hum Se Hai Muqabala for that dancer in your troupe to show off their moves

  4. Humma Humma

  5. Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye to bring out your inner Govinda

  6. Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen to get everyone singing along

  7. It’s The Time To Disco, because it is, isn’t it?

  8. Dil Luteya for a groom squad track that’s a guaranteed hit

  9. Kajra Re because boomerangs are on another level with the whole fam doing that famous hook step

  10. Tunak Tun Tun for high-energy dancing

Picture Credits - Versatyle

New Style

Bring the trends to the stage with innovative choreography and your own take to popular tracks

Picture Credits - DJ Sahil Narangi & DJ Vally

  1. Naach Meri Rani

  2. Waalian for the ultimate groom’s performance

  3. Laal Ghaghra to bring the fam jam to the dance floor

  4. Apna Time Aayega for all the single cousins and friends out there

  5. Diamond Da Challa because your love survived the lockdown

  6. Aankh Marey for a peppy track that brings the drama alive

  7. Twist Kamariya to show off that hot bod you’ve been working on

  8. Radha because the bride has to take on the groom with her incredible performance

  9. Mere Rashke Qamar because every sangeet deserves at least one slow romantic song

  10. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai because that’s just so true, right?

Picture Credits - A26

When wedding planning in Goa, remember to give the wedding DJs a list of the songs you’d absolutely love to hear as well as one of the tracks you’d rather do without. Wedding hotels in Goa are well aware of the requirements for a sangeet, but don’t forget to remind them about any special requirements for this fun day, particularly seating for people with physical impairments so they too can feel like they’re part of the celebrations. Above all, make this day yours and enjoy it to the fullest!

Picture Credits - Celeste & Adrian



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