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Bridal Accessories in Goa

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The Flower Girl.jpg

The Flower Girl


From delicate little flowers on your boutonniere, to glammed up bridal accessories, Tracy Fernandes takes it all in one stride. By paying attention to the minutest details, she will ensure you look as much the queen you are.

 So choose her, choose to have that extra sparkle needed for your special day!



bridal accessories in goa

Heart Felt 

Heart felt definitely expresses their creativity and emotions through  their polymer clay designs. Check out their cake tops for your wedding cakes!

bridal accessories in goa

Faith Hoop Love 

With alot of experience in embroidery art, you'll find some of the best embroidery works at their store! 

bridal accessories in goa

Odelia's Quilling 

Right from quilling delicate figurines to frames and adorable cards, Odelia's Quilling works on customizing the most intricate paperwork crafts for you.


bridal accessories in goa


Specialised in creating beautiful and detailed accessories, Violet offers a wide range of products to meet all of your bridal needs.
With their unique approach & creativity, you can be sure your accessories will be one of a kind. Book them & let them tell your story in every part that sparkles on your happy day! 

bridal accessories in goa

The Art Galore

Griselda believes her store should always offer that which is elegant and pretty. So if that's what you've been searching for, then this is the store for you. Available for customization, she puts a unique touch on everything she designs. With her creativity, she understands just exactly what each bride needs!

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Elley's Craft

Designed to match the theme and mood of your wedding, they work to present you with only the best. Bursting with creativity, they handcraft each of your accessories, with attention to details.
From bridal accessories to ring holders, to champagne glasses & the dresses of the entourage, they do it all! 


Bride & More

 Come prepared to be dazzled by the gorgeous selection of gowns & accessories displayed before you! With a gown and only a tiara from Bride & More, you can be sure you'll be a queen on your happy day! No matter what your wedding dreams or style be, they are sure to create the perfect blend of sophistication and chic that is you! 


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The Glitter Box 

Minaliz Chico creates the most elegant accessories in town! Her customized decor certainly leaves an impression with their intricate and exquisite details!
Be sure to check her work out!



goa wedding packages

The Busy Bee

The Busy Bee has some great bright and quirky stuff that is sure to add some colors to your special day! What's best? It's all handmade with alot of attention to detail thus making your product a unique one!

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Boxed Studios 

Right from event styling to paintings and customized orders, they ensure your aesthetic ideas are developed into reality!  

bridal accessories in goa

Queen's Corner

With more than 30 years experience, and a reputation for elegance & exquisiteness, they believe that each person has their own style, bling or no bling.
Open to customization, they have everything a bride will need to shine on her special day. With their varied collection, you are bound to find something you!

goa wedding packages

I do - The Wedding Store

 The perfect place to find everything from bridal bouquets, flower baskets, corsages, veils, tiaras & more, they have it all. A lovely store located in the North of Goa, they have an array or unique pieces to bring out your queenly beauty! 

goa wedding packages

Sparkle Store

 Are you looking for that absolutely-different-from-the-rest look on your big day? Then Sparkle Store has got you covered. Trendy yet classy, they curate items to match your style, and make you shine brighter. 
Their take on wedding accessories are sure to leave you speechless!

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Chen's Bridal Creations

Blingy or classic, they craft an array of accessories to match your choice of style exclusively.
Professional in their rapport with all clients, they are incredibly talented and will bring the traditional-trendy touch every bride looks for. Always open to ideas, they certainly have an eye for beauty and details!

The Bridal Box by Marie.jpg

The Bridal Box by Marie

Customised to each bride's personality, Marie curates a wide range of products from ring holders, hangers, Champagne glasses, cake toppers and much more!

Go ahead and call her for some truly unique accessory pieces for you & your entourage!


goa wedding planner

Sakura Crafts 

Their work definitely makes a statement with their exquisitely designed polymer clay figurines.

Check out their delicately designed work that is sure to catch your attention! 


destination wedding in goa

Dreams By The


Dreams By The River is a paper design studio that curates some of the best paperwork crafts in Goa!  


goa wedding planners prices


Steffie from Papermaiden has some gorgeous paperworks! The details in her work make all the difference. Be sure to check her​ work out!


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Alisha's Bridal Accessories

 No bride wants to look plain on her big day, am I right? That is exactly where Alisha comes in, with a wide choice of elegance & sophistication any bride needs!
Even better, they will be handcrafted to match you, and your entourage.
So let her bring the extra magic your day needs! 

bridal accessories in goa

Wedding Bliss

 Fiona will surprise you with her artistic creations that must simply be had! With a touch to match your style, they will give you everything beyond your imagination but within your budget.
Handmade to perfection, she will add that touch of sparkle to your smiles and everyone near you!

bridal accessories in goa

Floral Artz

 Extremely elegant & exclusive in design, Floral Artz works to create pieces you will love( even more than your man maybe).
 Needless to say, they will bring the glitter and sparkle to your special day, and solely with your ideas in mind.
A combination of passion & creativity, they are your one stop shop for some stunning accessories!

bridal accessories in goa

With Love

Driven by a passion to always present her clientele with something different & unique, Jennilee specialises in doing just that. Catering to all bridal needs, she brings the pop of creativity and colour needed on your happiest of days.

Contact her and have your mind blown away with her stunning works of art!

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