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Wedding Gifting & Giveaways 

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Gifting and Giveaways

Gifting and Giveaways

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OzSim Celebrations

A perfect gift doesn't exist. Or does it? OzSim Celebrations, however, works to meet all of your expectations with their beautiful and customisable products. So if you feel you've reached the end of the ribbon, do check them out!

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Aurawell Essentials

Is your skin too dry and dull, and you want to shine again? Aurawell Essentials curates products that are completely herbal, leaving you looking clean and confident! By achieving a harmony between the body, mind & spirit, they endeavour to present nature's gift to you in its purest form. 

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Feelings Hatke

Known for their exquisiteness, Feelings Hatke customises gifts that guarantee nothing but happiness.The owner, Alpna, as well as her team are dedicated to go beyond cliche giveaways, ensuring you leave with a gift that is truly unique!

Stop your endless search, and watch them work their magic!

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Elder Ceramics

From elegantly designed frames, shakers, tiles & wall hangings, to customised coasters, glasses & candle stands, they have it all and much more. If you are looking for an authentic Goan touch, then look no further than Elder Ceramics!

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Homecrafted soaps

Hoping to find that perfectly scented candle or soap for a special someone? At Homecrafted soaps, Emera crafts a gorgeous, eco-friendly variety of soaps, candles and cosmetics guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and pampered!

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JATA Soap House

JATA Soap House offers a wide selection of handmade soaps, made from locally grown ingredients and absolutely chemical free. So if you are into ayurveda and love organic products, then these soaps won't lye!

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Mario Gallery

Collectables by the famous Goan Artist Mario De Miranda

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Augusta's Garden

Augusta's Garden makes customised plant table centerpieces and giveaways for that eco friendly themed wedding

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