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Picture Credit: Photo Pundit

Picture Credits - Photo Pundit 

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Photo and Video

If you're looking to capture your special  moments then booking experienced photographers and videographers  is the best option for your destination wedding in Goa. With a variety of seasoned professionals to choose from, Goa has some very talented teams to provide you with exactly what you need. 

Hair and Makeup

When hosting your wedding in Goa, or a private party, looking your absolute best is the dream. Our Hair & Makeup options help you choose your styllist and ensure you look dazzling! Check out some of the top makeup artists  in Goa to know more.

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Picture Credits - Bina Punjani  

top wedding planners in goa

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Picture Credits - Archies 


Your wedding reception in Goa won't be complete without some beats! What better way to have your guests grooving and tapping their feet.  Some of the top bands in Goa have unique musical sets to ensure your guests have a night of music and dance they won't forget! With a huge genre of artists to choose from, you can pick your music style and dance the night away!


With the music culture blooming, Goa has some of the most talented DJs you could come across. Choose from the experienced or the fresh that have alot to contribute to this growing culture for your destination wedding in Goa.

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top wedding planners in goa

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Having a quirky anchor will make quite the difference at your reception! From getting the groove on amongst your guests to having a fun time, there's a lot of people to choose from for your wedding reception  in Goa!

Cake Designers

Goa has some extremely talented bakers! Choose from some very  experienced bakers that have mastered the art of baking delectable delights and a perfect wedding cake for your destination wedding in Goa.

goa wedding packages

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Picture Credits - Garden Glory Florists 


Your destination wedding in Goa won't be complete without being adorned by fresh flowers! Find an array of some of the top florists in Goa to choose from. 

Bridal Accessories 

Get some beautifully curated bridal pieces for your celebration. Right from delicate paper work to intricate fabric designs, choose from several talented artists to ensure your celebration s one of a kind! 

goa wedding packages

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Picture Credits - Papermaiden 


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Gifting & Giveaways

Choose the perfect little giveaway gift for your lovely guests to remember your wedding in Goa. Right from cute succulents to incredible art forms, there's a variety of keepsakes you could choose from!


An art form in Henna and drawn with a lot of creativity and love, it is one of the most important parts of the ceremony for a desi bride! So it's only fair that you get your Mehendi done by some of the most professional artists in Goa! With their intricate and customizable designs, they create a masterpiece every single time!

Nizami by Halima Khan - bridal hand mehe

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Picture Credits - Nizami

KV Designs & Decor - desi wedding - flor

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Picture Credits - Augusta's Garden 

Picture Credits - KV Designs & Decor


Having found Mr. Right, it is now time to plan the fairy-tale wedding you dreamed of since you were a little girl. And it doesn't get better than in the top spot for destination weddings, Goa. With so many options, you will certainly have the most spectacular wedding for sure! Click below to get to know some of the top wedding decorators in the sunshine state!