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Kashish & The Bollywood Band

Kashish Kumar, an Indian Bollywood Singer, Composer, Live Performer and Lead Vocalist of Kashish & The Bollywood Band, took the internet by storm by Writing & Composing the Famous Track Hum Hindustani with some of Bollywood’s iconic celebrity legends like Lata Mangeshkar & Amitabh Bachan.

Considered one of the best live Bollywood bands in Goa,
whether it’s a wedding or a Corporate Event, Kashish Kumar & team are pro in rocking it!


Groove Dakshina


A 3 man band based in Goa, they will turn your favourite Bollywood songs into new favourites with a western twist you least expected!


Pralay, Brian & Sameer - the famous trio that has won hearts across the state with their distinctive jazz retro style!

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The Runks



Awarded the iconic band of Goa, The Runks is sure to take your celebrations up a notch!

With an amazing set of vocals and an incredible groove, your Goan wedding is surely going to be remembered for years to come! 

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The Aces


From classic oldies, to modern pop music, to jazz & jive, and in English, Portuguese, Konkani & Spanish, they do it all & more! The Aces will bring true melody to your big day & will have everyone on the dance floor in one beat. Call them for a soundtrack to remember!

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The musical history of Forefront reveals amazing performances in India and abroad with several award winning live concerts that have virtually cornered them at the vertex of billboard graphs making them one of Goa's most sort after bands!

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Horizon Band

Much like their name, Horizon works to take music towards the horizon with their amazing skills and love for music. 15 years later, they cover a variety of styles & genres.

With great quality in sound and music, they are a must have at any special occasion of yours!

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Rhythm N Blues

A band of six, they are known to make any crowd go crazy with their great beats and their charm. Their diversity precedes them wherever they go.

With an experience beyond the state's boundaries, you should definitely check them out!

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The Imperial


Looking for an elegant yet lively band to entertain your audience? The Imperial ensures that every moment of your big day has the right soundtrack & their melodious tunes promise the best day of your life. So book them for a magical night!


A 26

After nearly 2 decades of entertaining and enthralling the crowds individually with other bands, A26 have become a musically empowered act that is guaranteed to bring the house down at any venue they perform at.

What brought them together is their passion for music and their motivation to make their band one of the top in the country.



Sky High

Skyhigh, Goa’s home grown band, has proven just how beloved it is with it endurance through the years. After 20 years of being in the music business, the band is still going strong with most of the bandmates now in their 40s. Instead of taking it easy, these passionate music lovers have the aspiration of releasing an album of their original scores.

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Lynx has been one of Goa's most beloved bands! The crowds love them and over the years they've grown to be one of Goa's best bands!


We'd advice booking them in advance because believe us, they're very sought after!

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The Big Country Band

With a niche carved out in the music world, the Big Country Band will have you spell bound with its amazing tunes. Their violin player is much like the fairy-tale piped piper. After 25 years of swaying crowds, they come highly recommended!


Take 5ive

A very diverse band of 5, they love playing live music that makes people happy. They play different styles, besides Goan.

With their level of energy  and harmony, you will forget whatever you were just doing & simply get lost in their

vibrant music! 

top wedding bands in goa


Formed back in 2011, this musical troupe's speciality is classics, retro and with a twist of their own. They have also taken a step into music from Portugal, France, Latin America, Spain & much more! With their talent and creativity, they've also released some of their own music! 

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K7 Band

With a strong fervour for music, this young band has audiences encoring them after every song, & every performance!

Be it authentic Goan, Bollywood, or pop, their ear for good music makes them a perfect band to have, no matter the occassion.

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True Blue

True Blue is the crème de la crème of the music industry and have earned a reputation for the extreme energy & versatility not only in their music but the explosive performance too. They are a highly professional band having members with vast experience that have worked with top bands, 

orchestras and projects in India as well as in Europe. 


Music Mantra


If Bollywood music makes your heart go BOOM BOOM & keeps your feet on the dance floor all night long, then Music Mantra is the band for you.
Book them for a truly authentic desi experience for your happy day!


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Celeste & Adrian



Celeste & Adrian have definitely grown to be one of Goa's favorite musical couples!

Their onstage romance and music chemistry is sure to give your wedding some cute vibes and great music!

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Need some great Bollywood music? Moksha is your band!

Call them and dance your very  own Bollywood style number all night long!

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Archies The Band



Archies is definitely the band that will get your wedding party grooving. Everyone's bound to get their feet tapping to the rhythm of  this band!

Right from retro  to jazz, they've got all kinds of tunes! 

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Beat Route Jam

With a known reputation in the pop, rock, retro, goan & bollywood styles, they promise a mesmering night of dancing and great tunes. Their charm and awareness of trends makes them a favourite band across the state.

Want truly good music? Book them!

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The Rituals

Are you looking for a band that will keep every guest entertained & on the dance floor? Then, the Rituals is the one you are looking for, with their unique take on latest hits, be it in English, Konkani or Bollywood! With their popularity, they are worth considering for your big day!

top wedding bands in goa

The Big City Band


By keeping their approach to music fresh and simple, they have gained a lot of happy audiences. They know exactly what to play when & take every style in stride.

With their rhythm and vocals, they will have you dancing all night!

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