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MC Kezaia Caldeira

Kezaia, a former Miss Goa, will add all the glamour and fun to your wedding  event. She is entertaining, interactive and energetic. 

Eloquent in English & Hindi, she is both charming and a beloved entertainer across the state!

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MC Alfie

With the experience of being one of the top radio jockeys in Goa and having written and directed numerous theatre plays, Alfwold Silveria is one of the most dynamic and enigmatic MCs in Goa

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MC Rebekah Watkins

You may have seen her as the face of Garnier, or better yet, at IFFI! Highly professional, she puts all of her passion and humour into her work. So if you're looking for such qualities, do check her out!

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MC Merlyn D'Silva

Despite being an actress & carrying the title of Miss Konkan Princess, Merlyn is the most down-to-earth person you will meet. Full of life, her enthusiastic performance will be hard to forget!

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MC Swinburne Fernandes

With a dramatic flair for words, any event hosted by Swinburne is bound to be a spectacular one! His immediate bonding with any person is one of the main reasons he is such a crowd pleaser wherever he goes. Go ahead & contact him for a very memorable ceremony! 

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MC Savio D'Souza

A man with a plan unique to every couple, Savio will have you smiling and dancing away all the stress of the event!

Want a professional yet humourous host? Then he is the one for you!

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MC Shane Da Costa

Young & full of energy, he easily blends into any crowd and can get them to do as he says easily. Fluent in English, Konkani & Hindi as well as Portuguese & German, he is worth every penny spent on him.

Very charming, he is the one you must see before your big day!

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MC Ruchika Davar

Being from the field of journalism, Ruchika made her mark in the entertainment industry. In a very short span of time, she became one of the most sought after event comperes of India.

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MC Elias Fernandes

 A very social person as a teen, he now commands attention beyond the country's boundaries. Extremely versatile in style, bringer of laughter and embodiment of confidence, Elias is sure to make your event a special one to remember!

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MC Frazier Martins

Thousands of hosted events behind him, Frazier is widely sought for his precision in planning, charm & humour. Very innovative and up-to-date in his approach, leave it him to turn the event into something beautiful. Give him a call and watch him work his magic!

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MC Susan Catul

From being a small time local host, to becoming renowned globally, it's been 10 years since Susan started bringing liveliness to special events. If you're looking for that smooth-flowing event, then do meet up with her!

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MC Myra D'Costa

Full of energy and passion for her work, Myra will do everything in her power to make your event a success. Her only aim is to create a memory you can look back on with pride and happiness. Doesn't everyone want that? 

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MC Ian Pinto

Precise & passionate, Ian offers only the best for every couple about to begin a new chapter. He guarantees entertainment and a whole lot of fun, making sure your event is a success.

So go ahead and give him a call!

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MC Doris Bello

Extremely kind and polite with every person she meets, Doris makes sure there's enough of humour throughout the ceremony. Despite planning everything down to the t, she is always open to suggestions.

Book her for an incredible & unforgettable event!

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MC Rupa Rao

With a a host of experience, nationally and internationally, Rupa brings a lot of energy and fun alongwith her. Eloquent in Hindi, English & Kannada, you can most certainly count on her for an entertaining yet professional event!

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MC Ayesha Barretto

Ayesha is gifted with a soulful voice and a very good ear for music. She is a writer by profession and freelances as a singer and as an MC.

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MC Sucoro Dias

A man with a smile & a smooth voice loved by audiences, he promises a ceremony bursting with humour and entertainment and one you will treasure. Meet him once and you will instantly wish  to have him anchoring at your special occasion!

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MC Celbert Dias

Having a speech that is truly from the heart will certainly make you look back on this day with fond memories. Celbert's professionalism & experience take any event to the next level, and you can be sure everything will go as planned, if not better!

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MC Neil Menezes

What started as a favour for a sibling soon grew into a lifetime occupation. Neil is now a known MC outside of India as well and the high respect he has gained definitely makes him a must have at any special occasion of yours!

MC Sandra & MC Newton.jpg

MC Sandra

& MC Newton

Bursting with elegance & versatility, their voices draw a lot of attention from their audiences. Continuing to satisfy their clients, Sandra & Newton have become one of the best hosts to have.
Their resumes only speak of their experience & confidence, so do check them out!

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MC Damien Carvalho

Trying to figure that one thing that really ties everything together? Well, look no further than Damien as your host. Besides being a RJ, he is also known to bring an event together like a jig saw puzzle.

He takes unique to another level, so book him soon!

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