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DJ Ryan Nogar

Ryan Nogar is a professional DJ based out of the capital city of Goa, Panaji. He has performed in numerous college fests, corporate events, private parties, etc. DJ Ryan, with his beats, always steal the show. Seeing him performing on stage is one of the best things the person will live throughout his performance.

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DJ Sahil 

DJ Sahil is famous amongst the young crowd! He has performed for countless events and always ensures his crowd has a gala time! 


DJ Aliston

A party with no music is no party at all, am I right? With 5 years of being a DJ, Aliston knows just how to make any party lively,with his crazy blend of tunes.

An artist in his own right, he will have you dancing away all of your blues!


DJ Savio De Souza

A name suggested often in North Goa, Savio has a lot of experience in being a Disc Jockey. His varied taste in music has garnered him plenty of attention. So if you're looking for a lively night, he's your guy!


DJ Aglen Fernandes

With experience in so many different settings, Aglen is known to bring the true Goan spirit to any performance. Popular yet classy, he is bound to create the perfect soundtrack to your love story. Book him, knowing you're getting the best!


DJ Eustace Correia

At 13, Eustace knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life - DJing. And nothing gets better than seeing peoples' faces light up the moment a favourite song comes on. Dynamic and experienced, he is your DJ!

DJ Vally

He is one of the most versatile DJs in Goa, playing for corporate events and weddings at hotels like Goa Marriott, Zuri White Sand Resort, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, ITC Fortune, etc. DJ Vally specializes in genres like house, hip-hop, commercial, Bollywood, tech house, progressive house, samba, retro, reggae, and trance.


DJ Dwayne Figueiredo

A student of microbiology & a very promising young DJ, Dwayne formed A.N.D along with his brother Aaron back in 2017. While they have found their spotlight within and outside of Goa, they often play individually. Dwayne's speciality is Tech House, Latin House and Funky House Tunes, so book him fast for some great music!


DJ Ashton Gonsalves

Coming from Goa, a place where music never rests, Ashton knows exactly what to do to get any audience in the groove. Known to make quite the entry at top hotels all across Goa, he plays to the beat of his heart, and his audiences remain completely under his spell!



DJ Jotesh Kamble

Easily seen as one the best in Goa, Jotesh most certainly knows how to make a party come alive. Unique in his style & approach, no one can sit out any of his tunes! His music will make sure you are having the best time ever, out on the dance floor!


DJ Hypertraxx

Nolan & Gary, the Tom and Jerry of "party" in Goa, have brought music to so many lives across India. With a focus on bollywood, retro, hip hop & EDM among others, they are known to get hearts racing and feet stomping. If you are a party animal, they're the DJs' for you!

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DJ Melroy

DJ Melroy is a professional DJ based out of Mormugao, Goa, who can easily make people dance on his tunes. He has been performing professionally for last seven years now. He can easily play most of the genres in DJ. Melroy has performed all over Goa in several corporate events, parties and many venues.


DJ Manfred Aguiar

Possesing the ability to make any person grooving to his beats can easily be found in DJ Manfred. A strong believer that you only live once, he chose to act on his dreams while young. He spins some of the dope beats ever, so go on and check him out!


DJ Iyaz

His love for music makes DJing more than just a hobby. Mixing of styles seems to come easy to him and that makes Iyaz one of the top Disc Jockeys in Goa. Specialised in commercial, hip hop, Deep house, techno, EDM & Bollywood, his beats will have any crowd go crazy!


DJ Surjal Gupta

Acquiring fame with each performance, Surjal uniquely mixes a variety of styles.With him DJing at spots like Cafe Mambo, SinQ, Capetown cafe & Sunburn, it is no wonder than that he is widely sought after in both Goa & Pune. Still think you have a better choice?


DJ Ross D'Mello

Known as RossD on the dance floor, he found his passion early on and stuck to it! Very suave in his choice of songs, enthusiasm radiating from within him and a mind reader, he is for sure a crowd pleaser.

 A name repeated at a lot of elite clubs, he will make your event as special as you!