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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

So you’ve decided that the big deal this year will be your destination wedding in Goa. But it could be difficult knowing where to start. We always recommend going with the pain point. The biggest hurdle of wedding planning in Goa is sorting out your budget. Here are some of the big expenses and some of the ones you might miss out on.

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Consider numerous wedding hotels in Goa before you decide on the perfect venue. Resorts on the beach are generally priced higher, but you’ll find equally gorgeous settings on a riverbank, an ancestral house or simply boasting beautifully manicured lawns. Each of these Goa wedding venues will offer a wide variety of deals that cater to different budgets. Note down the range, discuss the pros and cons of each and then finalise your decision.

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The tradition at Indian celebrations is to host your guests. So accommodation at your destination wedding in Goa is usually included for at least immediate relatives and close friends. Many wedding hotels in Goa offer packages for venues and rooms. But you don’t have to take it. Shop around for other hotels in the vicinity. You might find some that better suit the budget for your wedding planning in Goa. Just make sure they are within easy reach - 10 to 15 minutes away tops.

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Think about the various events at your destination wedding in Goa. Each will come at a separate cost - venue, catering, décor, entertainment, outfits, perhaps favours too. As part of your budgeting exercise, consider how many pre- and post-wedding celebrations you would like to have and how much each of these might cost you.

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We’re not talking about airfare here. Most of your guests, except very close family, will probably pay their own way. You will need to pay for transportation of goods - from where you live to the Goa wedding venues you have chosen. These include hampers, DIY décor you have made, requirements for poojas and havans, outfits, etc. If your guests are located at hotels or resorts away from the venue, you will have to arrange for transport there and back or to any organised excursions that are part of your celebration. Transportation for their personal excursions will not be needed.

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Consider whether you will be stocking the mini bar in the guest accommodation. Many Indian weddings do not serve alcohol, and if that is the case you might save on this expense. But if not, discuss the packages with your various options for Goa wedding venues. Are they included in the catering charge? Or would you prefer paying corkage?

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This is an unexpected cost to your destination wedding in Goa but can add up quite quickly. Discuss with your wedding planner in Goa what kind of flowers are available and accessible at that time of year. If you are importing flowers, you’ll have to especially consider this.

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It helps to allocate a percentage for each expense to your destination wedding in Goa - venue, food and alcohol; outfits and accessories; entertainment; photography and videography; décor (which includes flowers); transportation and accommodation; ceremonies; stationery and a bit for miscellaneous needs.

If you need to cut down, break down your list to expenses you absolutely have to make, those you can opt for if you want a little extravagance (perhaps a wedding cake designer or a pre-wedding photoshoot), and those you absolutely don’t need (say, menu cards for each table or fireworks).

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