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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

A highlight at Indian weddings, the bharaat precedes the auspicious rituals that mark the solemn exchange of vows. Destination weddings in Goa give couples ample opportunity to experiment with fun ideas for this festive tradition that puts the groom in full focus.

Decor: Meraki Weddings & Picture Credits: Limelight Studios

The bharaat will bring the groom to the wedding venue in Goa and guests will dance all the way there. Here are a few tips to make it exciting, comfortable, and different.


You might imagine a significant amount of time dancing and making merry. Sometimes, this might not tune in well with your schedule. You should ensure that the route is not too long so your guests can spend more time dancing than walking. Also, keep away from busy streets so you don’t have to look out for traffic - this is usually averted at wedding venues in Goa which offer kick-offs at the entrance, ending at the nuptial site. Asking your wedding planner in Goa to help out can keep you on schedule.

Picture Credits - Pataka Events


Back in the day, wealthy grooms rode in on a white stud, sometimes an elephant. Today, grooms amp up their entry with refreshing takes on an old tradition. Consider the ethics behind riding in on an animal, and if you choose to do so, avoid loud music, drums, and firecrackers close to them as they could get easily spooked and turn your bharaat into a tragedy.

Instead, grooms can opt for a tastefully decorated rickshaw for that truly desi twist, a stunning supercar for a touch of glam, a golf cart for a bit of fun, or a vintage car to ooze that suave at their destination wedding in Goa.


No matter what the weather, dancing makes everyone thirsty. Get your wedding planner in Goa to organise refreshment stalls at least where the bharaat ends - you can have one at the start as well. Stock them with plain old water, some juice, ice, and maybe even a snack or two.

Picture Credits - The Wedding Aisle

And to keep spirits lifted, add a ‘car bar’ to the line up - filled with ice cold beers and pre-mixed drinks.


If the bride has a girl squad, there’s no need for the groom to miss out on hang time with his buddies. Let them show their support by turning up in coordinated outfits. Use similarly coloured and patterned safas and stoles or other matching accessories such as aviator sunglasses, customised t-shirts, etc.


It’s important to plan the music you will have at your bharaat. Think about playlists you enjoy but also music that will get your guests dancing. Options include a band carrying a variety of instruments or just dhols or a music system playing all your favourite tunes. You could have a mix of traditional, Bollywood, and international tracks or even just stick with one genre.


Make it fun by adding in props that your guests can carry as they dance, such as signboards, masks, sparklers, smoke bombs. Children will love blowing bubbles along the way. Amp up the energy by bringing in professional dance troupes and other entertainment acts such as fire dancers, particularly if your bharaat is in the evening. Your groom squad or a bunch of relatives could even organise a flash mob.

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