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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Bouquets have become a common trend across cultural divides at destination weddings in Goa. They add a sense of softness and fresh fragrance to the bridal trousseau. But as the wedding industry focuses on exotic flowers, we find varieties commonly found across India equally stunning - if not more - and far more sustainable. Consider some of these during your wedding planning in Goa.

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The most prominent flower in the Indian floral regalia is the lotus. It has auspicious leanings and comes in a range of colours. Most often used in flower ponds and as decoration, you can seriously consider being a bride with a difference by putting them together in a gorgeous bouquet. Choose long-stemmed fully bloomed flowers wrapped in satin or grab a bunch of near-blossomed buds. You can opt for stark white or go with matching shades for some variety.

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It’s tradition to have the heady scent of jasmine wafting around the bride as she makes her way to the mandap. As one of the most common flowers, used in everyday life, it might be hard to see the jasmine take pride of place in your hands. However, good florists in Goa can create stunning white bouquets that contrast beautifully with your chosen lehenga. Go all white or add some tufts of greenery to create a variety of bouquets, from posies to cascades.


A common flower in many Indian gardens, the hibiscus is often seen offered at the feet of Kali and Ganesha idols. Could it perhaps be auspicious to carry a hibiscus bouquet, and with it the blessings of the gods? The hibiscus flowers in more than 200 colours, but the most common ones in India are pink, orange and yellow. For your destination wedding in Goa, seek out the more exotic looking ones including Luna Pink Swirl, the Secret Heart, Beach Beauty or the Blue Bird. Combine two tones or throw in some greens to let them shine.

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For brides with sunny spirits, you can’t go wrong with the brightly coloured sunflower. These flowers are widely cultivated in India, with Goa’s neighbouring state Karnataka taking the lead so availability is rarely an issue. You can choose to hold a single sunflower or go large with a whole burst of colour. Sunflowers also work well in tandem with baby’s breath, tied together with burlap twine for a stunning rustic effect.

Picture Credits - The Flower Girl


The everblooming periwinkle presents the perfect symbol for your eternal love. Let it shine at your destination wedding in Goa in the form of an offbeat bouquet. To make them really stand out, ask your florist in Goa to consider large bunches of a single colour, combine them with similar tones or mix them up with other local flowers for a bouquet that truly sets you apart from the rest.


Thanks to its thorny branches, the bougainvillaea is often relegated to a decorative garden plant. But remember, the rose has thorns too! Dispense with tradition and choose the bright colours of this gorgeous flowering plant to create a cascading bouquet that will have everyone talking. Consider the white variety to compliment the rich tones of your bridal lehenga. Your florist in Goa will be able to put together a spray that’s both pretty and different.

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