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Updated: May 27, 2021

A few weeks after the question is popped - and answered, the excitement can turn into anxiety as you understand the enormity of planning a destination wedding in Goa. Think of it as managing the biggest project you’ve been given, where you are everything - the coordinator, pencil pusher, financial manager, set designer, and host. Coupled with your daily responsibilities, wedding planning in Goa can leave you stressed. So here are a few reasons why you should look into hiring a Goa wedding planner.

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Think of all the weekends you’ll save by hiring an expert wedding planner in Goa. You won’t have to hunt in crowded markets for the table décor you dreamed of, scour the internet for vendors of a specific giveaway or even traipse across landscapes looking at the variety of wedding venues in Goa. Wedding planners like Castle Rock Events usually have all the required resources at their disposal and will be adept at ensuring all the tasks meet your deadlines.

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Handling budgets

Wedding planners can help you stretch even a limited budget. With their experience, they’ll be able to tell you where you can save, especially with small decisions that often add up to large amounts of unnecessary expenses. Hiring a good wedding planner in Goa like Diakon Events early on will give them time to work out budgets for you, negotiate vendor contracts and plan expenses within your limits.

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One of the biggest benefits of hiring a reliable Goa wedding planner is having them iron out issues throughout the planning process as well as on the day of the event. You won’t have to stress about musicians being late, flowers being unavailable, hell, even rain on the day! A wedding planner such as VLW Global will be able to make quick decisions and think on their feet to ensure you have a memorable day despite any unforeseen hiccups.

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Getting discounts

Insider information is a forte of wedding planners. They have relationships with vendors that they have built over the years, and can negotiate better rates than you might be able to even on your best day. Wedding venues in Goa can offer better deals for bridal party accommodation, decorators might throw in extra lighting for no extra cost or you might be able to upcycle old décor for a steal, all thanks to the good offices of the likes of Pataka Events.

Picture Credits - Pataka Events

Expert advice

Being in the business for so long allows wedding planners to offer wise advice. They will ensure you choose the right wedding venues in Goa, offer inspiring ideas to help round out your wedding vision, offer options on style and ensure everything connects harmoniously. DIYing a wedding can seem easy, but when a flurry of images from Instagram, Pinterest or Google Images hits your mind’s eye, knowing where to start can prove elusive. Enter The Funktion Junction.

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Stress-free coordination

During your wedding celebrations, you will be too busy to be able to coordinate anything at all. We’d suggest handing your phone over to a trusted friend or relative and just soaking in the wonder of your big day. At this point, it’s calming to know there’s someone who has it all under control. For full-blown, traditional Indian weddings with various events, a good wedding planner in Goa like KV Designs & Decor will be able to handle multiple venue coordination, juggle detailed differences and ensure guests are well looked after.

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