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Wedding photographers in Goa will be a key element at your big celebration in the sunshine state. They’ll be capturing special moments that you’ll want to remember forever. But simply looking at their images on social media and signing on the dotted line doesn’t mean you’ll end up with the stress-free, absolutely smashing wedding photography experience you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve listed seven questions you should ask wedding photographers in Goa before deciding which one will shoot your big day.


How would you describe your style?

You could compare their response to this to images on their pages to get better clarity on what you will finally receive. It will help you understand whether your photographer takes candid shots while blending into the background or gets more involved to give you choreographed shots. Check Picsurely for some truly gorgeous shots.

Picture Credits - Picsurely

Can I review a full wedding album?

You’ll need to see a full album to check for consistency. Often, social media will only showcase their best shots from many events.

Picture Credits - Photo Pundit

How will you coordinate with the videographer?

Ideally, you want to have a consistent theme through the captured memories of your destination wedding in Goa. Your photographer and videographer will have to work together to stay out of each other’s way. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a photography company like Jumping Souls that also does videography.

Picture Credits - Jumping Souls


Are you available on my wedding date?

This one is kind of obvious. But companies like Studio RDP do work across India so you’ll want to cross-check if they are available for your date and wedding location.

Picture Credits - Studio RDP

Who will be shooting my wedding?

Never assume the lead photographer of the company will be shooting your wedding. This doesn’t mean that the quality will differ. Ask to see the work of the photographer and their assistants who will actually be covering your destination wedding in Goa.

Will you follow a shot list?

You might have expectations about specific images to be taken on your big day. Don’t expect your photographer to be a mind reader. When wedding planning in Goa, offer a shot list to make sure you get what you’re looking for, but keep it brief. You don’t want to overwhelm them to a point where they can’t do their job professionally. Check out Studio Grey Photography, known across the state for their unique perspective.

Picture Credits - Studio Grey Photography

What will you wear?

You hardly want to be shocked if the photographer at your destination wedding in Goa turns up wearing a colour that either clashes with your theme or makes them look like they’re one of the entourage. Some colours can be considered inauspicious at weddings in certain cultures and you or your family might prefer avoiding these. You also don’t want the photographer wearing something extremely casual at a formal event or looking more dressed up than the couple at a casual party. So clear the air!

Picture Credits - Sunny Pariani



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