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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Weddings are all about the music and we can bet your iPod has a wide variety of genres. It doesn’t mean that all of your favourite songs will be appropriate for your destination wedding in Goa.

Some might have an incredible melody, may sound downright romantic or have a catchy beat, but the lyrics just say something entirely different. So when wedding planning in Goa, we’ve got a short list of songs you might want to talk to your DJ about keeping out.

Every breath you take: The Police

This song has been misinterpreted more times than you can count. It sounds comforting on the face of it, but has been described by Sting himself as “very sinister and ugly”. It’s probably best to leave this on your music player.

Picture Credits - Sound Man Goa

Marry You: Bruno Mars

It’s a nice pop, doo-wop number that will have you snapping your fingers, but the lyrics suggest a decision not wisely taken. “It’s a beautiful night / We’re looking for something dumb to do / Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.” Not exactly appropriate, would you say? A good DJ like DJ Ryan Nogar can help you out with a far better substitute that gives you the same vibe.

Picture Credits - DJ Ryan Nogar

Bootylicious: Destiny’s Child

This dance-pop track is great to make you feel good in your own skin and own the night. If you’re feeling self-conscious in your bridal get-up, it’s great. Maybe save it for the dressing room. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle mouthing: “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.”

Picture Credits - DJ Surjal Gupta

Dilemma: Nelly feat Kelly Rowland

If you like R&B, Dilemma pushes all the buttons. It may sound great, particularly as a duet, but the lyrics speak of possible cheating. “No matter what I do, all I think about is you. Even when I’m with my boo, you know I’m crazy over you.” Checking in with experienced DJs like DJ Vally will help avert a musical faux pas.

Picture Credits - DJ Vally

Main Rahoon ya Na Rahoon: Amaal Malik, Rashmi Virag, Armaan Malik

If you love romantic songs from Bollywood, you’ve probably got this one stashed somewhere. You might be imagining a slow dance with your spouse to this tune, but we’ll stop you right there. “Hawaaon mein lipta hua main / Guzar jaaunga tumko chhoo ke” doesn’t offer strong commitment vibes. Ask DJ Raghu for a slew of equally romantic tracks that are perfect for a destination wedding in Goa.

Picture Credits - DJ Raghu

WAP: Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion

If you’re part of the Bardigang, you might want to bust some of your best moves to one of her most popular tracks. But to avoid conservative eyebrows being raised, we suggest you avoid this particular song. DJ Wency will have tons of other Cardi B options for you.

Picture Credits - DJ Wency

Dear Future Husband: Meghan Trainor

This might seem like the perfect number on which to show off those jive moves you two have been practising. Not an ideal pick. “After every fight / Just apologise… Even if I was wrong” is just one example of an unfair relationship being depicted. Ask DJ Aliston for more appropriate jive sets for your destination wedding in Goa.

Picture Credits - DJ Aliston



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