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Indian weddings can go on for days, and there’s no need to host all your events in the evening to avoid the sweltering heat of the tropical sun. For daytime events, tenting is the way to go. Here are a few ideas on how to spice up the luxury tents at your destination wedding in Goa.


You can include jhulas at mehendi, haldi and other ceremonies too for the bride or the couple. These can be decorated with flowers, throw pillows, and other ornate decorations. However, if you have many tents at your destination wedding in Goa, you can include a jhula in a few of them as part of the seating. Keep them minimalist with ropes wrapped in sparse floral vines - they’ll be an excellent spot for your guests to take photographs.

Floral chandeliers

Take away focus from the inside seams of the tent and place them on elaborate floral chandeliers. You can place a large square arrangement with hanging vines and flowers over the dance floor or use them as a centrepiece to run draping and lighting from.

Decorative tree supports

If there are trees on the lawns at your destination wedding in Goa, you can incorporate them into your design. The top wedding decorators in Goa will be able to use existing trees on the property as supports for the tent while also adding a gorgeous twist to the decor by highlighting the trunk with lights, fabric, and other decor.

Metal lanterns and vintage decor

String classic metal lanterns from the tent roof over tables and include copper cutlery and decor to add a vintage feel to your wedding. Many of these are available on rent so consider your options when wedding planning in Goa.

Macrame decor

This is a great way to add a bohemian flair to a sangeet or haldi ceremony. Get a macrame artist to customise tent entries, centrepieces over cake stands, or even a photo-op backdrop with flowers. You don’t need to stick to white; get colourful and funky. You can even get macrame covers for boring lamps and lanterns.

Keep it light and airy

As a tropical country, India demands a certain kind of tent to ensure your guests don’t overheat in all their wedding finery. Ensure open tents with wide entrances or those open on many sides, such as a cupola tent. Sheer curtains work well as the sun moves across the sky.

Consider the weather

As we approach the summer and rainy season to follow, remember to think about freak thundershowers. Today’s tents are pretty sturdy and many wedding decorators in Goa can offer you waterproof options in various sizes. You’ll still have your pretty set up without the worry of getting your guests, catering, and decor soaked in unprecedented rainfall.

Separate children’s tent

Indian weddings are big on family and you’ll have lots of children running around. Think about setting up a separate tent just for them with a few games and an activity space.



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