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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

There’s still uncertainty regarding COVID-19 restrictions around the world and you’d rather not have to be in quarantine for half of your honeymoon. So leave the Greek isles and rugged coastline of Italy for your five-year anniversary celebrations and look around India to spend the first few romantic weeks of your lives together after your destination wedding in Goa. Here are our top 5 suggestions!

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You’re guaranteed the best destination weddings in Goa, but what about honeymoons? In fact, planning a memorable honeymoon in the sunshine state is easier than you think. Most five-star hotels in Goa are happy to add a honeymoon package to your wedding planning in Goa. You’ll wake up to fantastic views of famed natural beauty and be pampered beyond your dreams. Get your wedding planners in Goa to score the best deals for you.

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You can choose your honeymoon to be as romantic or adventurous as you’d like. Explore Goa’s stunning beaches, verdant islands, exquisite food and cute villages. Or try out every watersport, inland trek, wild adventure ride and casino night you find.


If you want the Caribbean or Bahamian experience without the costs, take a romantic trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Cyan blue waters surround islands filled with soft sands and pretty cottages. On dark nights, Mother Nature crafts a magical experience just for you as the waves light up with phytoplankton. Explore history at Havelock and dive through crystal clear water to swim with colourful fish skimming through the coral reefs.

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Time your honeymoon with the numerous fairs and festivals organised by the government and get up close and personal with nature through game fishing, bird watching and trekking the island’s lofty mountains.


If chai and chilled weather are your cup of tea, head to Kerala’s best-known hill station. Wake up to miles upon miles of tea plantations over rolling hills with cool, pleasant weather through the year following the contrast of balmy sunshine at your beachside destination wedding in Goa.

Visit Eravikulam National Park for a chance glimpse of its most endangered inhabitant, the Nilgiri Tahr. If you’re looking for a little thrill, take a trek to South India’s highest peak - Anamudi - standing tall at a height of more than 2700 metres. Relax by the lake at Mattupetty and drive around for ‘gram-worthy views at Top Station, Pallivasal, and waterfalls at Chinnakanal and Anayirangal.


Sikkim boasts a wonderfully cool climate all year through with spectacular views at nearly every turn. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas that span snow-clad mountains, gushing rivers and lush mountainsides.

The beautiful Himalayan state boasts unique activities unavailable elsewhere including cycling the ancient Silk Route, yak safaris and helicopter rides. Try bungee jumping at Singshore Bridge, spelunking, mountain biking or quiet cable car rides with your new spouse.


Kashmir offers a remarkable amalgamation of vibrant festivals, delectable cuisine, varied crafts and cultures, heritage constructions, diverse wildlife, and unparalleled natural beauty. Its numerous lakes and stunning countrysides present gorgeous backdrops for romantic photography sessions.

Take back souvenirs of local handicrafts including rugs, carpets and walnut wood furniture that will be lasting memories of your time here. Choose to stay in quaint homestays and pretty eco-friendly lodges for a glimpse into local life and culture.



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