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There are destination weddings in Goa, and then there’s a destination wedding in Goa at Christmas time. Something about ribbons and mistletoe, decked up trees, and the wafting aroma of cinnamon adds a note of warm joy to winter nights. If you’re getting married around this time of year, we’ve got a few tips on how you can make your wedding planning in Goa just a little more festive.

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The easiest way to add some holiday cheer to your destination wedding in Goa is to place it in the stationery. You can avoid it on the save the date card if you feel it’s too far away from Christmas, but adding some bells, red and green tones, wreaths,s, or even just firs on your wedding invitation can get your guests into the swing of things. Add in some ribbon, ornaments or actual greens for a special effect.

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At your wedding venue in Goa, include Christmas-themed designs on signage and cocktail names or have a festive scroll detailing the menu.


Through the décor, you’ll be able to cement the holiday theme into your destination wedding in Goa. You can embrace it fully or throw in just a hint here and there. Mistletoe, red ribbons and berries are small but effective. Wreaths, branches of pine, and firs can add a festive touch along the aisle or seating areas. Check with wedding photographers in Goa about holiday-themed props or backdrops. You can also add stockings, fairy lights and cinnamon-scented candles to table centerpieces that will help spread that festive aroma in the air.

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Nothing spells gorgeous wintry spirit than a Christmas tree. You can leave it bare or deck it with varying degrees of décor and place it near the altar or mandap. Decorate it sparsely if the ceremonial area has lots of décor and go all out if the altar or mandap is conservatively decorated.

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Infuse some festive fun into your wedding menu. Add mulled wine and spiced rum to the bar and you can end the night with a serving of delightful liqueurs such as Amaretto, Baileys and eggnog. The temperature does drop a little in the wee hours during Goa’s winters so liqueurs will not be out of place. For the children, amp up the energy levels with Christmas sweets on the tables, a candy cane hunt and hot chocolate to go around.

Goa has many sweet treats made especially around Christmas time. You can add servings of bolinhas, pinagr, doce de grão, rose cookies, kulkuls and more as an evening snack and include richer items such as bebinca, dodol, rum cake, marzipan and baath cake at the dessert counter.


If your destination wedding in Goa includes nuptials in a church, you can consider including festive hymns to kick up a joyful ambience. Wedding DJs in Goa are more than happy to queue a few Christmas classics into the playlist - just don’t go overboard and turn it into a Christmas party.

Picture Credits - DJ Ryan Nogar

You could get them to play a few tracks during dinner time, and maybe bring Santa in to throw some sweets around for the little ones. Once the sound restrictions set in post 10.30 pm, you can keep the spirit alive with a choir singing carols unplugged or acapella.

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