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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

The one thing guests will remember from your destination wedding in Goa is the fun they had. And you can’t have fun without the right music. So it’s imperative that it gels well with the ambiance you want to offer, the mood of your guests and your budget. So how do you decide whether to get a band or a DJ? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

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What’s your budget?

If you’ve set aside funds for entertainment, then you can go with a band at your destination wedding in Goa. Bands can be made of anywhere from two to 10 or more people who will split the cost. So the more popular or skilled the band, the higher their pricing. You’ll probably get an excellent DJ for the same amount you would pay for a less well-known band.

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How big is your wedding venue in Goa?

Wedding venues in Goa come in all sizes. Depending on the amount of space available, the kind of space available and the number of guests you’re inviting, you can decide between a band or a DJ. Typically, bands need space for instruments - drum kits, various guitars, pedals, microphones, monitors and more. DJs will require less space even taking into account a full set of turntables and speakers.

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You’ll also want to check any sound restrictions with your wedding planner in Goa. Indoor venues may allow music well into the night, while current sound restrictions require music above a certain decibel to stop by 10 pm.

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If you’re moving locations at the same event - maybe lunch at an indoor hall followed by a mehendi by the pool, a DJ will have to provide multiple sound set ups while a band can have just a single member play acoustic indoors and add on for a full-fledged performance outdoors.

Picture Credits - DJ Hypertraxx

What kind of flow are you looking at?

There’s something quite unique about the energy from a great live band that a DJ can’t really match. If you’re looking for a performance with high-quality crowd interaction, maybe even a little emceeing, you’ll want to start searching for bands during your wedding planning in Goa. However, if you want non-stop music - bands tend to take breaks now and then, and you prefer original recordings of songs rather than covers or inspired versions, then check with a DJ. DJs also do better with wider ranges of music styles at a single event, say jazz to EDM, than a band would.

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Points to remember

  • If you’re hiring a band and have a specific song you’d like played for your first dance, make sure they either know how to play it or are willing to learn how to. You shouldn’t have a problem with a DJ, but let them know in advance so they can download a good recording of the song ahead of your destination wedding in Goa.

  • Try to attend a performance of your chosen band or DJ to see how well they read the crowd. Checking videos of a band’s performances can show if they play live or lip-sync. Read as many reviews as you can, and get your Goa wedding planner to check if your performer is legit.

  • Give your band or DJ a list of songs you absolutely do not want played. There’s no reason you should hear a song you associate with your ex while you dance with your spouse.

  • Tell your artist how many guests you are expecting since bodies absorb sound and they might need to bring in a bigger system.

  • Check how many members are on the team, including assistants and sound team so you can add these to the guest count for food and beverage or provide them with adequate refreshments.

  • Get a contract! Ask your wedding planner in Goa to get the band or DJ to sign a contract to protect both parties.

  • Give them a timeline of your destination wedding in Goa so they know where to be at what time, and your schedule for the celebration.

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