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Updated: May 9, 2021

Photographs freeze the most important moments of your destination wedding in Goa for eternity. Finding the person who will do this perfectly is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We’re here to set you on the path to finding the perfect photographer during your wedding planning in Goa.

Picture Credits - Photo Pundit

Picture Credits - Darius N. Fernandes

Book your venue

It might seem disconnected but confirming exactly where you’ll be exchanging vows can influence who your wedding photographer will be. Wedding venues in Goa sometimes offer recommendations of photographers in the vicinity. It can save time and money to hire a team based close by, rather than the added cost of paying for flight tickets, accommodation and meals. Booking the venue first also gives you a confirmed date you can discuss with potential photographers for your destination wedding in Goa.

Here’s some fantastic works by Studio Right Click.

Scour social media sites and wedding directories

Shop around on social media and wedding directories to find reputed photographers or skilled upcoming professionals. Platforms like ours are a great way to discover new talent or stalwarts in the arena based on your requirement. Ask other vendors you meet during your wedding planning in Goa for recommendations.

Studio Grey Photography comes well received.

Do your research

When looking for photographers for your destination wedding in Goa, note down their styles and the kind of weddings they’ve worked on. Look for images you relate to. Wedding photographers in Goa can have a very varied style - from candid or experimental to traditional or minimalist. Perhaps you’re looking for a vintage look or formal portraits or a documentary style. It doesn’t have to match exactly but it helps narrow the list down.

Sunny Pariani has a style that’s hard to match

Decide a budget

Budgets are important as wedding photographers in Goa are available across a whole pricing range. Consider how many events are part of your wedding and how much you can afford to set aside for a photographer. Remember to note down incidental costs that could creep in - transport and accommodation if the team lives far away, and meals during the events.

Among the best in local and destination weddings is Cam Catches.

Get in touch

Always ask to meet your shortlisted photographers before you can finalise one. It offers both of you a chance to see if your personalities gel. If you are a stickler for punctuality and they arrive late without notice, it could save you distress on your big day. Before the meeting, ask them to bring along a few full albums so you can check for consistency in quality. Remember to be clear about the dates you need them for and the venues they are expected to be at. Ask about their costs and discuss incidentals you have noted down, particularly the number of hours they will be at your disposal. It’s also important to ask for a draft contract if possible to understand their terms and conditions, and give them an idea of the timeline of your day.

Check out these stunning works by some of Goa's best in the field.

Picture Credits - Rahul de Cunha Pictures

Compare & cross-check references

Always start with a few on your shortlist so you can whittle it down later. When the choice is between the last few, find references among other service providers, couples, family and friends who have used their services before. Remember to be clear in any emails, and finalise your terms and the cost via written communication.

Have a look at this beautiful storytelling of Studio RDP by Romesh Dhamija.



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