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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Is your excitement and nervousness tickling into your veins as your wedding date is nearing? Do you think you are prepared to look fabulous enough for the spotlight of the night? Here are some tips with a touch of fun, from us to you for getting into the perfect shape for the night of your dreams -

The very obvious tip which should not even be called a tip LOL, WORKOUT!!

Try dancing while getting dressed and you’ll realize how much it will help! You can burn an

extra 50 to 100 calories in the time it takes you to get ready just by adding a little two-step

or the twist. Sneak your feet into a pair of sneakers while you start off with the wedding

planning process, whether you're off to the mall or meeting with the florist, the more you

stay on your feet, the more calories you'll burn. Make it a habit to start exercising 4-5 days a

week, for at least 30 minutes a day. Cycling, jogging, skipping, swimming, dance and

aerobics, or even training with light weights would help best. Yoga and stretching should be

a mandatory part of your routine.

Another patent point, The Perfect Diet Plan!

Exercise is only part of the equation. In order to lose weight, you also have to reduce your

caloric intake. You can easily drop a few kgs. in a week without even exercising, just by

avoiding about 500 calories a day! Include as many nutritious vegetables and exotic fruits in

your diet and flush out those toxins out of your system and see the magic do its work with

great consistency. We’d suggest to have more and more Vitamin C enriched fruits in your

diet as they increase your immunity but also help in brightening your skin for the perfect

glow. For fast metabolism and effective burning of calories, we’d advise you to have small

portions of meals every 2-3 hours against 3 large meals a day. Meals if eaten in proportion

would not make you healthier but also efficient in leveling up your energy all through the

day. Include more fiber and proteins in your breakfast as it is the most important meal of

your day. Maintain a healthy diet and you’re halfway sorted for the journey of getting fit for

your special day.

Sleep Schedule

Something that is so hard for one to follow during the wedding preparations is their sleep

schedule. The main step to a charged body and skin lies in the “Early to bed and early to

rise” rule. Insufficient sleeps can take away the charm from your face and it is important to

avoid the dullness. Hence, ensure at least 8 good hours of sleep to keep your glow intact.

Breathe in, breathe out! Since weddings come with a lot of work and a lot of responsibilities, it automatically comes in with a crazy amount of stress. We end up stressing about a lot of things before the big day and it is difficult to not show it on your body. To keep your body and skin looking apt, try out a couple of meditation sessions to increase oxygen levels in your body. Follow the above steps and you’re all good to catwalk into your fairytale wedding!



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