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The stress of planning a wedding in Goa on your own is enough to make your eyeballs pop. To go sustainable or eco-friendly makes things a little tougher as this involves some norm-defying skills. Pretty much everything comes under the scanner. But a truly sustainable celebration is none at all, so don’t be too hard on yourself because we’re here to give you a few ideas. Read on to learn how you can plan a sustainable wedding!

Picture Credits: Cam Catches

Re-usable Décor

With a good Goan wedding planner, this should not be too difficult. Many wedding venues in Goa or decorators offer a variety of décor that has been used before. Look through their warehouse and combine the best for a unique look to your event.

Here’s something we can’t say enough: Dispense with the confetti! It’s thermocol which is basically plastic and contains enough chemicals to render soil infertile. You don’t need it. Opt instead for colourful flowers, shredded colourful old magazine paper bits, coloured rice grains or punched out leaves. You could also have your guests clap their hands, create an archway or dance as you enter.

Eco-friendly Centrepieces & Giveaways

Sure you’d like your guests to remember your wedding for years but a plastic swan with your names on it will just gather dust in a corner or be chucked away in the bin soon. Consider something that will go with everyone’s home décor. Perhaps even seed bombs that can be planted in a home garden, glass bottles that can be used either as décor or as storage, soy wax candles, crochet centrepieces filled with plants or edibles like a plateful of decadent cookies or cupcakes.

Steffie Noronha creates gorgeous paperwork that you can use as décor to take away, Lit n Glow has beautiful handmade candles, or check in with Buerre & Berry for cupcakes for a sweet giveaway.

Picture Credits: Beurre & Berry

Vintage Clothing or Re-usable Clothing

Wedding trousseaus have sentimental value. Your mum probably has hers. Check it out, modify, alter or glam it up. Vintage is classy and using something that belonged to an older generation attaches meaning and a connection with your ancestors, some of whom may not be physically present with you. You might discover some family heirlooms in your mum’s jewelry box too!

If you would really like something new, try an outfit that can be re-used later and/or is made from sustainable material like this handloom chanderi silk dress by Ninoshka.

Picture Credits: NinoshkaIndia

Avoid Food Wastage

Food is one of the big contributors of waste in the wedding industry. One of the first ways to do so is getting as accurate a guest count as possible. Follow up diligently for RSVPs. The second is to plan your menu wisely. Go with popular favorites with a few unique dishes if you care for experimentation. Include a decent mix of spicy and easy, vegetarian/vegan and non-vegetarian, or child-friendly food so there is something for everyone.

While wedding planning in Goa, look up charities that you can donate excess food to or check with the hotel if they are comfortable serving it in the staff cafeteria at the next meal.

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