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Let’s be honest. Weddings in 2020 can make people nervous. But if you plan it well, you can enjoy limited contact at your destination wedding in Goa. One of the aspects of weddings that involves an exchange of items - and a high probability of germs - is gift-giving. Yes, this extends to envelopes filled with cash. We understand that gifts are ways for family and close friends to help you begin your new journey together, and also a little something to remember them by. The easiest way around gift-giving at the reception is to opt for a wedding registry.


This concept still gives off a slightly awkward vibe in India for some reason - it’s seen as a bit ‘too forward’. But COVID-19 has offered the perfect reason to jump onto the bandwagon. Wedding registries are one of two ways you can avoid getting gifts that are of absolutely no use to you or you just don’t like. Think bouquets, curios that don’t go with the rest of your décor, and duvets of questionable taste. The second way is to insist on no gifts at all.


To ensure you are excited about opening your gifts, sign up with one of the myriad websites out there. Popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, FabIndia and Pepperfry offer registry options or gift cards and a wishlist to share with your guests.

Dedicated wedding registry websites also exist, including Wedding Wishlist, My Thofa, Wishtry, Hridei and My Registry, which are all Indian platforms.


It might seem like an added chore to your wedding planning in Goa but when done right, it will eliminate any extra hassles after the party.

Start early: The gifts from your destination wedding in Goa will stay with you for the rest of your life, so you’ll need time choosing them. Most wedding registries today also offer personalised websites, e-invites, save the dates and online invitations. Simply sign up, and you’ll be able to choose gifts, gift cards, cash, holidays or donations to charities, delivered to any address around the world.

Understand yourself: Think about what you really want. Avoid adding items to a wedding registry on a whim. If you prefer outdoor adventures rather than hosting parties, register for camping equipment rather than fancy chinaware. But remember to also think ahead and include items that will definitely be needed in your new household, such as crockery.

Do your research: There are varied options for everything you list on your registry. If you’d like to receive bedspreads, learn more about the fabric and thread count you prefer. If it’s a couples’ spa package you’re requesting, think about the locations it can be used at and details of the experience.

Work together: Your destination wedding in Goa - and life together - involves two after all! Discuss things you both enjoy, debate options you don’t agree on or divide responsibilities. Make a date of it and enjoy this wedding planning project together.

Be considerate: Wedding planning in Goa is not just about you; it’s about your guests too. So make sure your registry includes choices for a range of budgets and styles. Friends may want to send a group gift, older relatives might prefer traditional gifts over experiences. Keep tabs on the registry throughout your wedding planning in Goa so there are lots of options still available even for those last-minute shoppers.

Be thankful: This may be a low-contact gift-giving option but you still have to say thank you. Remember to send out notes of appreciation to your gift-giving guests, and let those who sent you cash or gift cards know how their money was spent.



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