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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Typically, the spotlight at most weddings is shone on the bride, but the groom has his moment in the sun too. A marriage is made of two people, so even if you’re not one of those men who take much interest in what he wears, your destination wedding in Goa will be different. We’ve got a few tips on how to choose the perfect looks for your big day.

Picture Credits - Exotic Goa Events


Where you’re getting married and at what time of the year can make a huge difference to the outfits you choose. Destination weddings in Goa now take place throughout the year, so you can have sultry heat, cool misty mornings, or rainy evenings.

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You wouldn’t want to turn up at your sangeet soaked in sweat because you chose a warm fabric, or be itchy through afternoon pheras because it didn’t suit your skin type. Choose comfortable, flowy fabrics for tropical weather conditions such as cotton and silk blends or even chanderi.


As a vast country with diverse traditions, India has an incredible array of styles to choose from. With inter-regional marriages increasingly common, you can find styles that suit you from within your family tradition or from those of the new family you will be joining. Going with a designer or stylist can also offer the opportunity to fuse various style elements into something unique.

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Remember to dress for your body type. Grooms with stocky bodies should avoid panels and choose flowing fabrics like a relaxed sherwani. Pastels with voluminous accessories such as shawls and jackets help fill out lanky frames. Shorter grooms can add height with ornate traditional headdresses.


Wedding planning in Goa is one of the first joint decisions you will take as a couple. Discuss outfits that complement each other so you will nail that ‘match made in heaven’ look from the get-go.

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You could share an embroidery motif, a colour palette, or even a stole type. Work on coordinating outfits for every event planned during your destination wedding in Goa. Get in touch with Goa’s top fashion designers to ensure both you and your bride wear styles and fabrics that suit your body type, suit each other’s choice, and perhaps even tie the whole wedding range together as a collection.


There’s no limit to how much a stunning wedding outfit can cost. You can get choices online at Manyavar from around Rs 20,000 or go all out with something along the lines of a Raghavendra Rathore costing Rs 400,000.

Wedding planner: Zillion Events, Picture Credits - Picsurely

Discuss the wedding budget overall and assign a limit for both bride and groom outfits. Remember to include accessories such as shoes, jewellery, perfumes, turbans, stoles, and even innerwear into your budget.


Do not leave trousseau shopping for your destination wedding in Goa to the last minute. If you plan on doing most of your shopping online, it is well worth it to get fitted for a size so you can purchase garments based on these exact measurements.

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If you are shopping in stores, try on every outfit you consider to ensure the fabric and style suit you. Include the entire outfit - with accessories - so you can nail the look once and for all. Happy shopping!



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