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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

It might seem impossible, but DIY wedding planning in Goa is a thing. If you’re naturally creative or a born organiser, this might be right up your street. Go all in and make your destination wedding in Goa truly personal. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Starting point

When it comes to huge events - like a destination wedding in Goa, just a list of things to do can make you re-think your decision. Once you get started and committed, the ball will roll. Begin your wedding planning in Goa with your budget and guest list. Look into creating a vision board of your ideas so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t, within your budget and abilities.

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Hiring friends & family

This can turn into a bit of a touchy subject as the weeks wear on. You might have uber creative friends or family who insist on arranging flowers at the venue, but is your relationship comfortable enough for you to truly express your judgement and needs? You might end up settling for something you didn’t envision.

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If they provide a professional service and insist on giving it to you for free - or as their wedding gift to you, be sure to mention them in a speech and spread the word about their services in gratitude.

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Choose your tools

Yes, you will be buried in research and paperwork. So get organised. You don’t want a room full of clutter, and contact numbers of vendors hidden in a random file on your laptop on D-Day. You will need to keep track of receipts, advance payments, invoices, contracts, costing, reference images and more. Look at spreadsheets and documents that are shareable online. Or go old-school for your wedding planning in Goa with journals, files or binders.

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Focus on your strengths

There’s no reason to take on baking your wedding cake if you’ve barely touched an oven before. You will end up spending far too much time learning cake decoration and might need a contingency plan that involves a paid professional. For items that are more difficult to DIY, get a specialised vendor. Prop Shop and The Rental House offer an expansive variety of decor and furniture on rent, while Sound Man will make easy work of your sound, lights and video needs.

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For your DIY, think about what you’re good at. Perhaps you’re skilled at stitching and can put together your bridesmaids’ dresses or your own wedding lehenga. Or you’re an ace at graphic design and can whip up invitations, art on decor items and menus.

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Have fun but stay on top of it

Remember to keep to your timeline. But don’t be a Nazi about it. If you’re doing the invitations or DIYing the decor for your destination wedding in Goa, get your friends over and make a night of it. Just remember to keep most of the drinking to after the job is done for the day. Remember, this is your wedding and you shouldn’t turn into a stress ball because of it. Prop Shop and The Rental House offer an expansive variety of decor and furniture on rent.

Picture Credits: Furniture pieces by Prop Shop , Decor by Castle Rock Events

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Picture Credits - Bina Punjani Hair Studio

If you’re falling behind schedule, hire a professional. It can be easy to procrastinate about things like invitations, so if you’re looking for something specific that’s taking you too long to get down to, hire a crafts whiz like Weddings By Fele.

Anticipate challenges

There is no DIY wedding planning in Goa without a few bumps. Remember to check on your vendors at regular intervals to ensure your vision comes along as you intended. Ask to see products and sample food. If there’s a glitch, stay open to taking a slight detour. Sometimes, you might need to scrap a few DIY things that don’t quite make the cut despite the work you put in. Try to cut your losses and move on.

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Think about all the little things you’ll need to do on celebration day - who hands out favours, who stocks gifts into the appointed car at the end of the night, who carries a first-aid kit or emergency sewing kit. There will be tons of details like these.

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If you feel like you need the assistance of a professional, contact a good wedding planner in Goa to help out.

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