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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Children are an integral part of weddings in India. Without them, we wouldn’t have those cute photographs to swoon over. But long ceremonies and events that go on for days can tire or bore the little ones and they can go from cuddly bunnies to tantrum throwers in a split second.

Picture Credits - Jumping Souls

Keep them entertained with a few easy ideas so both adults and children thoroughly enjoy your destination wedding in Goa.


Fancy hors d'oeuvres don’t really impress children. They care about treats they are familiar with. So including child-friendly snacks just for them at your destination wedding in Goa will have them eating out of your hand, literally.

Pass around paper cones filled with french fries or popcorn, swap adult cocktail nibbles with vintage candy trays or serve mini pre-scooped ice creams. You can also make them feel included in the toast by offering them cookies and milk instead of cake and wine!


If you’d rather have the adults enjoy completely stress-free celebrations on your big day, consider hiring a couple of babysitters. They’ll be responsible for ensuring no one gets hurt or topples over the cake table, and can also take charge of keeping them entertained with games and play. Professional services will take some hunting so get on top of it during your wedding planning in Goa.


Use a few wooden palettes to create a bunch of activity tables at your wedding venue in Goa. Here you can have colouring and writing tools that don’t stain, crafts, hula hoops, colouring sheets, building blocks, Jenga, books, and other child-friendly activities. Throw in comfortable seating and rugs for them to sit on - and maybe even nap in!


Children are easily distracted by good entertainers. Consider hiring a professional clown, balloon artist, magician, or even cartoon impersonator. Bubble shows can keep them engaged for a long time. They could also hand out little favours at the end of the act or teach them a trick.


Give children their own bar with fun beverages such as freshly squeezed lemonade. You can hand out twisty straws or colourful paper straws to make their drink station more fun. Go beyond drinks and have a cupcake bar, dessert bar, and even a take-home candy bag so they can remember your wedding even after they’ve left.

Picture Credits - 17 Oz Bar Events


Photo booths can keep folks of all ages entertained throughout your destination wedding in Goa. Remember to include a large variety of props and hire a photographer who enjoys spending time with children so you can get the best out of it. Handing child-friendly digital cameras or camcorders will help you capture your wedding from a completely different perspective.

Picture Credits - Pataka Events


During your wedding planning in Goa, think of favours children might enjoy. Hand out bubble guns to fire as you are pronounced husband and wife or as you enter your wedding venue in Goa. Send out popcorn tubs or picnic baskets filled with treats, crayons, colouring books, etc to keep them entertained while adults are dancing.

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