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Picture Credits - Rahul De Cunha

We know wedding planning in Goa can get maddening, with tons of little bits and bobs to get together for that perfect celebration. But let’s not forget who this destination wedding in Goa is about. That’s right, you and yours! So in the midst of all the shenanigans, add a little thing or two to surprise your special someone.

Hidden love notes

Make these surprises small, but special. As part of your wedding planning in Goa, jot down small notes and leave them around the hotel room. Or enlist the help of best friends to leave them around your to-be spouse’s home. Organizing an event of this size can be stressful and sometimes leads to tiffs. So a surprise note of sweet thoughts will let them know you’re on the same side.

Last letter

In a similar vein, write each other a letter to be read on your wedding day, in the privacy of your room. This is the last letter you will write to each other as unmarried individuals, and can be a special sentimental moment. You can twist this into a scrapbook or sexy boudoir photos (these are in vogue right now).

Picture Credits - Julia Bang

Couple’s spa day

Take some time out during the organizing and surprise your favourite person with a couple’s spa day ahead of your destination wedding in Goa. Look into candlelit sessions, aromatherapy, full-body massages and a bath soak so you’re well and truly in it together. Up the ante with some champagne, get a steam, personalised relaxing music list, and wrap it up with a relaxing sunset swim or fancy meal.

Surprise private moment

Picture Credits - Fun Cruises Goa

You take so much trouble selecting the prettiest venue for your destination wedding in Goa that we urge you to soak it in. Just the two of you. Slip away after the vows for some alone time. If you’re getting married by one of Goa’s many rivers, surprise your new spouse with a magical boat ride between the ceremony and reception. Take a saunter around an enchanting fort or a ride through the village in a carriage.

Customised gifts

Surprise your significant other with a sweet gift in the midst of the celebrations. It could be engraved jewellery, couple passport covers, an anniversary journal to jot down notes from your first year together or a bucket list book, personalised throw pillows or mugs, a cute family tree or a fun caricature of the two of you. Get creative!

Pre-wedding holiday

Picture Credits - Reynold Weddings

If all out is what you’re about, fit a surprise holiday into your wedding planning in Goa. Give your romance a boost with romantic dinners, exploring new places or just kicking back and relaxing before you dive headfirst into a whirlwind of celebrations. You can take some time off from any family drama, enjoy the last moments of being engaged, and iron out small details in an unhurried manner.



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