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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

It takes a whole day and is such an important part of weddings in India. The Mehendi ceremony is looked forward to by the bride’s closest friends and relatives and marks a special time in the run-up to her destination wedding in Goa. So the person behind the designs needs to be the very best. Here’s what to ask while looking for a Mehendi artist in Goa.

Picture Credits - Jumping Souls

Are you available on my chosen date?

This might be a no-brainer, but you will need to be specific about the time, location, and the number of hours your Mehendi artist will be required for. Check if they have any other events scheduled for that day and decide accordingly.

Picture Credits - Nizami Makeovers

Do you have experience?

You don’t want just anyone applying your bridal Mehendi. Ask for a portfolio and background of their work. You can even ask for references from previous brides or clients. Check what they are experts in - some are excellent at traditional designs, others with modern styles, etc.

Picture Credits - Exotic Goa Events

What kind of Mehendi do you use?

Make sure the henna they use has no synthetic dyes or additives. These can be really harmful and may cause allergies and rashes. It’s preferable to choose artists who source natural products or make it themselves. Check if they bring their own cones along as well. They might also be able to show you photographs of how dark the stain is the day after application.

Picture Credits - Misba Mehendi Artist

Do you do trials?

You might have a complicated design in mind or have something extremely specific. To know if your Mehendi artist will do a great job for your destination wedding in Goa, it would be preferable to have a trial. You don’t have to do the entire design - just a section will do to give you an idea of their skills.

Picture Credits - Pataka Events

How long will it take to apply?

You’ll need to work your schedule around the application process. It’s best you eat a hearty meal before beginning but you’ll also want to cater to your guests. You can plan arrivals, snack rounds, and in what order your guests can get their Mehendi applied to avoid confusion and unnecessary delays.

Picture Credits - Castle Rock Events

Do you have a team for larger numbers of guests?

You’ll have an idea of how many guests will want Mehendi applied at your ceremony. Check with your Mehendi artist in Goa how many members are on the team, their experience and how many guests each will be able to take on within the given time frame.

Picture Credits - Studio RDP

What are your charges?

Understand what bridal Mehendi charges imply. You might choose a simple design that only covers your palm and does not warrant the typical charge. Describe your requirements clearly, not just for yourself as the bride but also the expectations that you are offering your guests - just the palm, front, and back of the hand, or only small motifs. Remember to ask about Mehendi designs for your feet as well.

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