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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Your entourage will be your magical stress reliever, calming voice, problem solver, awkward dance buddy, all rolled in one awesome gang. You’ll want to make sure you add a little note during your wedding planning in Goa to buy them something special. You can get your Goa wedding planner to help you out with this one, but we’ve got some ideas ourselves!

Picture Credits - Cam Catches

Matching gifts

How about buying them something glittery to wear at your destination wedding in Goa that’s also a keepsake? Items of jewellery such as cuff links for the groomsmen and matching earrings, a necklace or bracelet for the bride tribe are perfect gifts. You could personalise them for each, engrave the date of your special day, or keep them simple and reusable for other occasions.

Picture Credits - Manek Gem

Booze & chocolates

There’s hardly a soul who’d say no to a fun time, and chocolates and alcohol are almost a sure hit. Make a party of it for your entourage. You can tie up any loose ends of your wedding planning in Goa and then bring out a sharing hamper of varieties of chocolates and spirits you know your squad enjoys. You can also take it up a notch with a scheduled wine tasting or brunch at your wedding venue in Goa.

Picture Credits - Fazenda Cazulo

Personalised presents

If you have a small entourage - or a lot of time to get things together - put together a personalised gift for each of your squad members. You know them best, and a nifty Goa wedding planner will be able to pull all the strings well in time for your destination wedding in Goa. Include their names, your wedding date, maybe even a photograph!

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Sometimes, showing the squad at your destination wedding in Goa just how much they mean to you doesn’t have to be a ‘thing’. Get together as a team, or gift each of them something special. Many five-star resorts are also wedding venues in Goa so you can treat your bride tribe to a spa day ahead of your big moment. Take them on trips to explore Goa with some adventure sports thrown in, or buy them tickets to their favourite show!

Picture Credits - Holiday Inn Resort Goa

Skincare products

You’d love to see them look their best at your destination wedding in Goa and skincare products are easy options for those who are too busy for regular spa trips. Do a little digging during your wedding planning in Goa and find products that work for their specific skin type. And while you’re at it, throw in some reef-friendly sunblock. Because this is Goa!

Picture Credits - Nature Masons

Traveller’s hamper

It seems like everyone’s been bitten by the travel bug, and particularly after the catastrophe that was 2020, getting out and about will be the first thing on their minds. If you’ve got travel junkies in your entourage, gift them a traveller’s hamper and let their first vacation spot be to your destination wedding in Goa. You can include cool passport covers, colourful packing cubes, insulated water bottles, plug point adaptors or even a cute travel toiletries kit.



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