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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hosting your destination wedding in Goa means lasting memories for you and yours, but it doesn’t have to leave a permanent mark on the planet. When wedding planning in Goa, you can go all out on toning down your carbon footprint even while you gift your guests a celebration they’ll talk about for years to come.


This doesn’t have to mean only spaces with lawn and a few flowering shrubs. There are many wedding venues in Goa that care about the environment, how their events impact the surrounding location and how they preserve their property. Speak to resourceful Goa wedding planners like Exotic Goa Events to find venues that match your sustainability values.

Picture Credits - Exotic Goa Events

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Nameboards made of plastic or even cardboard and glitter are among the worst offenders of unsustainable wedding décor. Try re-usable signages for a variety of needs from menus to venue signs. Add a whimsical flourish to the welcome sign at your destination wedding in Goa using theme-coloured lipstick on a vintage mirror. Menus and other signs can be written on a chalkboard. Or check with wedding planners like Fergie for ways to create a zero-waste board using repurposed material such as cardboard, pallets, string and ribbon.

Picture Credits - Weddings by Fergie

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Wedding planning in Goa often involves a lot of discussion over the most appropriate flowers. Imported varieties can look fashionable but their cost to the environment - and your wallet - is high. Look for gorgeous in-season varieties grown by local farmers in and around Goa. Decorators like The Wedding Aisle will have contacts with the best florists in Goa for seasonal local flora in arrangements that will take your breath away. Go classic with marigold, hibiscus and jasmine, or give things a twist with zinnias, frangipani, pansies, dahlias or even bougainvillea.

Picture Credits - The Wedding Aisle

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Bar set-ups on lawns or beach-side venues are often temporary structures. You can avoid plastic décor, glasses, stirrers and even those little umbrellas. Do away with printed flexes, thermacol cutouts and unnecessary lighting. Try jute or organic cotton decorated with varieties of pasta, origami made from old magazines or even a moss wall with flowers in your theme colour. Zillion Events can help you choose the best idea for your destination wedding in Goa.

Picture Credits - Zillion Events

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It’s not only important to use sustainable items when wedding planning in Goa, but also to ensure you keep waste to a minimum. Work with your Goa wedding planner to donate leftover food and flowers. Dozens of homes for people in need are happy to accept hygienically stored and transported leftover food. Flowers can be recycled into potpourri, natural soap, holi colours, etc. Wedding planners in Goa like Meraki Weddings will help you find appropriate organisations to donate to.

Picture Credits - Meraki Weddings

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You don’t necessarily have to buy décor. Up-cycled items can turn your celebration into an interesting art project. Wedding decorators like Event Basket can help you repurpose old pieces into beautiful objects to brighten up your big day. You could use coconut shells as planters or candles, old bottles stuffed with rice lights or fresh flowers, an up-cycled sewing machine table as a statement piece, edible centre pieces or even vintage treasures from your grandparents’ attic.

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