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Curly hair, don’t care indeed! Let those gorgeous keratin coils show their personality as you take unsolicited advice to straighten your hair and stick a pin in it. For destination weddings in Goa, remember that humidity is not usually a friend to most hair types so expect curlier or frizzier locks.

We’d recommend you get in touch with any of the top hairstylists in Goa to work your hair for your big day. But before you go about your wedding planning in Goa, we’ve got a few options for you.


Go up high or take them down low, easy buns are the way to go! Choose to have it tightly wound or loose and flowy to get the best look out of your curls at your destination wedding in Goa. Set a few strands loose to frame your face or settle gently along the nape of your neck.

Picture Credits - Zeetra Bridal Hair & Makeup

If you’re looking for a steamier, sexier look, have it pulled back tightly and complement it with bold lipstick and pronounced earrings (think The Bold Type’s Kat Edison).


Braided buns can elevate your hairstyle, particularly if you have dainty hair pieces or tiny flowers that soften the look. Ask your hairstylist in Goa for recommendations on the ideal highlights to go for so your braided bun truly stands out.

Picture Credits - Bina Punjani Hair Studio

You can choose multiple French braids tied together in a bun, a single-side braid ending in a bun, or a crown of braids ending in a bun. For a traditional look, circle a rope braid bun with fresh jasmine.


If you want to show off your curls but would like them away from your face, try leaving only the bottom half open and the top held together with a gorgeous clip. You can choose a ponytail to keep things simple at your sangeet ceremony and go with a gorgeous braided bun for the top half and loose curls around the bottom at your reception.

Picture Credits - Hair N Styles

Crown braids for the top with the rest flowing down your back are gorgeous if you’re going for a bohemian chic look. And don’t brush past the beauty of a half top knot - curly hair takes it to a whole new level!


Chunky braids dressed with flowers nail the traditional look. Keep the flowers small if you prefer a more minimalist hairdo. For brides willing to switch things up at their destination wedding in Goa, consider a French braid that keeps your hair looking gorgeous all through while you dance the night away. Go bold with a few side braids while the rest of your curls fly free.

Picture Credits - Tejal Mahambre


Curly hair is perfect at any length. Show off those gorgeous rings at your destination wedding in Goa. Be proud that your hair has its own unique style! Check in with some of the top hairstylists in Goa for products that will ensure your curls stay smooth, shiny and separated.

Picture Credits - Aurora's Haus of Beauty



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