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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With all the buzz of Christmas finally fading away, you finally have some quality time alone together. If she is the one, don't over think it. Go with your gut and go for it, don't let her be the one that got away.

You know we got your back. Here are some things you want to keep in mind before you pop the question to her. After all, you only want to do this once!

Picture Credit: Sunny Pariani

Wedding Planner: Reynold Weddings, Goa

Get the perfect ring. You should have a fair idea of what she wants. Get a budget in mind and be prepared to go over budget! After all, this is the woman who will be deciding if its OK to extend boy's night out, an hour longer with your buddies once you tie the knot. Go big or go home. LoL. Trust me, she has been waiting for this moment her whole life.

If she is more traditional, then diamonds are a girl's best friend. But maybe she is looking for something different and unique. Yes there are other stones that can go into an engagement ring. Its time to have a one on one chat with your friendly jeweler and put a lot of thought into this one. Javeri's Goa is a great place to do that!

We all know how nerve wracking the idea of proposing can be. The jitters and breaking out into a cold sweat will make you want to run back to the comfort of your couch , crack open a nice cold beer with Mirzapur playing on Amazon Prime, to watch another good old Tripathi family shootout. But this is serious business. Try putting your own twist on some of these ideas and go the extra mile to make it memorable. Its not all about the dent this is going to make to your wallet, you get brownie points for effort and cuteness. It all adds up when you look at the bigger picture ;) Trust me, this is more in your best interest than hers. Haha.

Picture Credit: Sunny Pariani

Wedding Planner: Reynold Weddings, Goa

Now its time to think of where you are going to pop the question. Choose a favorite place. No not your couch! Think of what she will like. Is she a classy girl who likes sophistication? In that case you might want to take her for a romantic dinner to a fancy restaurant and maybe tip the musician to come and surprise serenade you two, to set the mood. Intermediate Level Tip: Here's how to score on the barometer for effort; ask the singer to incorporate her name into the lyrics. I'm sure by now she will be putty in your hands. On that high note, hide the ring and let the waiter bring it out for dessert in a grand reveal! Roses, champagne, candles and all!

If she's more romantic (and most girls are) how about taking her up after dinner to the hotel roof top? Or to the fountain where you two made a wish on your first date? Or maybe if you want to make her work for it, how about a treasure hunt? Every girl has an inner Sherlock Holmes she has been dying to unlock. Start with a clue that leads her to all her favorite spots around town. But don't make it too hard or it may backfire on you! Pro Tip; Clues can be hand written notes, girls are suckers for this sort of stuff.

If she loves dancing, take her out to the best nightclub in town. After you love birds burn up the dance floor, ask the DJ to play your favorite song as you go down on one knee right there on the dance floor. Expert Level Tip: If the DJ is a good pal, ask him to pass you the mic, to sing the song to her. Girls love those kinds of romantic gestures.

Or you could fly to the most romantic destination you can think of and propose there. Better yet , 007 Level Tip, ; ask the flight attendant to make the announcement as you propose at 30,000 feet above sea level!

How about proposing to her on the beach? If you have a creative streak in you, she is going to love the idea of building a sand castle with you. When she isn't looking, put the ring on the highest tower. If you are the outdoorsy kind, and if the two of you like a little adventure, how about going on a trek to a secret waterfall? or hiking up a mountain? Once you reach the top of your climb, propose to her right there, just the two of you in the midst of nature.

Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve

What better time than New Years Eve! At the stroke of midnight, when celebration is getting crazier by the minute, it's the perfect time to pop out the ring and ask her to marry you. It is the ultimate resolution and promise to hold onto forever. Indeed, it is not only the start of the new year, but could also be the first page to a new chapter in your lives.

The possibilities are endless and all's fair in love. Don’t wait for the perfect moment and be yourself because in the end, that is what she really wants.

Hire a wedding planner in Goa if you want to plan the proposal and maybe tie them in for the Big day as well. But don' t forget to hire some of the best wedding photographers in Goa to capture the moments.

Now go win her heart!



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