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There hasn’t been a single celebration that the pandemic hasn’t brought to a screeching halt - or at least indiscriminately ruined plans. There’s no shame in postponing or cancelling an event even after invites have been sent out, but if you’re absolutely keen to go ahead, we’ve got some tips for safety tips for wedding planning in Goa.

Virtual celebrations

Pretty much everything is online, and there’s no reason your wedding can’t be either. This is the best way to host a celebration for family that’s scattered across the globe. You can opt to get married in your living room at home or at a venue with your immediate family, and either have everyone join in over a Zoom call or live stream the celebrations. Go all out and deck up the place, send out save the date cards, and give guests a theme - from dress code to cuisine for the night.

Line dancing

A big part of weddings is dancing, and ballroom dancing - for which weddings in Goa are famous - requires contact. So if you are hosting an intimate wedding, switch up the playlist and get some fun line dances into the mix. YouTube is the ideal teacher and you can be that cool couple who leads the way. Some of the most popular songs include the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Conga and The Git Up. Brownie points for those who get their guests to learn the steps before the big day for a super cool wedding dance video.


If you’re worried about contact, skip the kids. We know it sounds cruel, but it helps to have fewer hands unnecessarily touching things. Ignore all those ‘what will people say’ comments. The key here is to have a rule and stick with it - either no one under 12 at all, or a few exceptions such as your siblings’ children. You can always blame it on corona with a little note to say that while you love children, you cannot accommodate guests under 12 for safety reasons.

Open-air venues

When wedding planning in Goa during a pandemic, stick to open spaces with sit-down dinners. There are many venues available and a good wedding planner in Goa will be able to help you choose one ideal for your requirements. The Center for Disease Control suggests that smaller outdoor gatherings where households are spaced at least six feet apart, wear masks and do not share objects present a lower risk than larger, more crowded gatherings in closed spaces.

Registry for gifts

Picture Credit: Silk, by Sephi Bergerson

To avoid handling objects previously touched by other people, discourage gift-giving. You can either request for no gifts at all, or set up a wedding registry. There are many websites online and it’s important to set one up as soon as you begin wedding planning. In Goa, gift-giving is very common. With a registry you can help your guests send you items you actually want and will use, while avoiding contact during the celebrations.

Contact-free photos & greetings

Remind your guests to wish you with a ‘namaste’ or a personalised contactless greeting. In any case, ensure there are sufficient hand sanitiser dispensers across the venue. Set up a fun life-size photo of you and your spouse so guests can take pictures at a photo booth instead. Share your protocol with photographers so they can help you enforce it.

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