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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Your squad will be the people who keep you upbeat, happy, and stress-free throughout your wedding planning in Goa. So choosing the right entourage is an important decision. We’ve got some advice to make this easier.

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You can have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen in your entourage as you like. Couples who’d like less drama can even stick with one each. Remember that the larger the entourage, the more expensive it can get, since Indian traditions generally dictate that the couple pays for their outfits and accessories.

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You don’t have to make your decisions overnight. These are people who will be in your wedding photos forever. Avoid being frivolous with your choices - will you be close friends with them in five years? Give yourself a few weeks to arrive at a decision, and if you’re not sure, you can fit them in some other way - as ushers, special dancers at your sangeet performance, in charge of handing out favours, etc.


It might be tempting to keep it to your gang but siblings will be around forever. You can pick the one closest in age to you, if you have more than one, and get the others involved in some other way. There’s no set rule that sisters need to be in the bride squad and brothers on the groom’s end. You can make your brother a man of honour or your sister can be the best woman.

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Avoid choosing the friend or cousin who’s heaps of fun but is totally unpredictable. You don’t want your expensive wedding ring misplaced the day of or your grandfather forgotten to be picked up. Choose an entourage who can take on big tasks and also provide emotional support throughout your wedding planning in Goa.


Think long and hard about what you want your entourage to do for you during the planning process and also at your destination wedding in Goa. If you want them to be very involved, it might make better sense to choose people who don’t live too far away or have very hectic work schedules. You can still involve these people in a few pre-wedding activities.

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You don’t need to include people in your entourage just because you were in theirs. Just the same way you don’t need to invite people to your wedding simply because you were guests at theirs. You may have drifted apart over the years or just have too many people who take precedence over them. If they do ask about it, be honest about the tough decision you had to make.


When choosing your entourage, consider them as a group. You might have two friends you’re very close to but who can’t stand each other. You don’t want to be spending time putting out fires. Select people who have amiable personalities and you know will get along with each other - even though they may not be part of the same clique - and will keep you in focus in the run-up to and at your destination wedding in Goa.

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