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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

So much of your destination wedding in Goa rides on a fantastic menu. Indian celebrations are all about the food. So while you focus your wedding planning in Goa on the perfect menu, you might find that being vegan can be a proper kebab mein haddi.

Wedding venues in Goa are usually quite accommodating, but vegan dishes are still not a common request. So check in with your Goa wedding planner to make sure everything is just as you’d like it to be.

Guests are usually on the lookout for their favourite dishes on the menu, and you’re likely to get a frown if things are switched up too much. We’ve got ways to make a few wedding favourites stay winners even as they match your own food preferences.


There’s nary a Muslim wedding without this all-time favourite. You might think it’s not to be tampered with, but we assure you that our vegan substitute will turn heads at your destination wedding in Goa. Raw jackfruit is the perfect option for this dish - its texture is deceptively meat-like and its neutral flavour allows seasonings and masalas to latch on effectively.

Speak to chefs at wedding venues in Goa for this exciting meat-free swap.

Picture Credits - Chulha, Grand Hyatt Goa


This creamy and buttery lentil dish is a staple at Punjabi weddings. Traditionally, it’s cooked for hours to nail that gorgeous texture that spins heads when mopped up with piping hot naans or drowning steaming rice. Get your Goa wedding planner to speak to caterers about veganising this favourite. Look into swapping all that dairy with almond or cashew milk and vegan butter.


Just the name of this popular dish will send vegans pedalling furiously in the opposite direction. But if you’re newly converted or have family who would stop at nothing to indulge at your destination wedding in Goa, with a sleight of hand you’ll put all the worries to rest. You could go easy with cauliflower and nuggets made of chickpeas, but if you want a meatier version, try tempeh which is very versatile and ideal for a delicious vegan meal.


This is a go-to snack at any destination wedding in Goa. It’s easy, melts in the mouth and is loved by guests of all ages. Traditionally, tikkas are the domain of meats but the paneer version has a healthy fan following too - even among carnivores. So there’s no reason you can’t try it with tofu. Get your Goa wedding planner to ensure you have extra firm tofu for that perfect texture.


Indian desserts are some of the most dairy-intensive delights and it’s hard to imagine a celebratory event without a whole spread of sweet dishes. You might gasp at the thought of an indulgent gulab jamun that’s guilt-free, but it’s definitely possible. Substitute the usual khoya with bread and cashew cream, sweet potato dough or almond flour and sink your pearly whites into cardamom-sugary goodness.



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