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Hosting a big fat wedding event and not including a pool party would be a complete bore. Poolside parties are the new trends that are being adopted by the couples of this era and it definitely adds excitement, thrill and loads of fun to a wedding celebration. Prime yourself as we have come to your rescue with the best 5 picks of poolside venues for the most fun part of your wedding experiences.

Holiday Inn Resort

Have a pool party dhamaka at the holiday inn poolside - a unique flower shaped pool all set

to astound your guests for an exotic pre-event celebration! Dive into fun and happiness with

your mehendi along with a bright and colorful pool side lunch. This poolside venue can be

used in multiple ways; even to set up a Wedding Mandap on top of the beautifully shaped

pool. Perfect blend of contemporary design and classic elegance. Create your own vow

moment at the pool of Holiday Inn.

Picture Credits - Holiday Inn Resort

Caravela Beach Resort

Get ready for a funky pool party with loads of colors by this extravagant poolside venue of

Caravela. You can add fun elements for all your guests be it kids or adults with party props

to recharge your wedding festivities. The pool can be utilized as a quirky décor element as

well by filling it up with instagrammable pool floaties. Make the best use of this casual

poolside for an intimate and interactive colorful event décor. This pool can elevate any

aspect of your life and we assure you a party full of fun and games at this venue.

Picture Credits - Caravela Beach Resort

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort

What’s a better combination than sunshine and poolside? Splashing water parties have

always been fun be it a beach or a pool, Planet Hollywood provides you with a _ poolside for

a fun experience with choices of quirky décor. Your guests will be thrilled to jump into the

pool before or after your big day. An amazing day with enormous amount of fun and

comfort. Book your space at planet Hollywood and start planning the cocktail party of your

dreams right away!

Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa

There ain’t no party like a wedding pool party! How about an after party by the pool after a

post wedding brunch? Enjoy a super cool & breezy wedding celebration by the poolside

venue of Kenilworth. The relaxing sounds of the rippling water guarantee a fun cocktail

hour. Grab a couple of drinks to refresh your guests and get them to put on their dancing

flip flops for an exciting tropical pool party with loud music to groove to and sweet

occasions to cheer for.

Picture Credits - Kenilworth Resort & Spa

Goa Mariott Resort and Spa

Begin your wedding celebrations with a bang by the poolside venue of Goa’s favorite

Mariott Hotel. Use a pop of colors and add funky hashtag features by the pool to curate a

crazy celebration party. Events from birthdays to anniversaries to weddings, everything is

fun here and especially for pre-wedding we bet nothing could excite the bride tribe and

groom squad more! This pool is also an epic spot for a summertime party to catch up with


Picture Credits - Goa Mariott Resort and Spa

Explore these exotic poolside venues and pick your favorite for a crazy water bash!



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