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It’s a week to D-Day and your nerves are frayed. Take a breather. You got this. Wedding planning in Goa - or anywhere else - can seem hectic. But the most important person at your destination wedding in Goa is you! So here are a few tips to remember as you step into the week before the shrieks (of joy).

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Avoid stunts with your hair a week before the big day. No matter how fast your hair typically regenerates, a week is too soon for it to grow back to its pre-haircut length. The same applies for hair colouring. Schedule an appointment with your stylist at least two weeks before for a routine colour, or six months for a drastic change - black to brown for instance. If you have never coloured your hair before, you’ll want to give it a few months to see if you like the look and if your hair takes well to the chemicals.

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We know it’s party time but there’s no need to go overboard. Consider your nutrition intake as part of your wedding planning. In Goa, it’s easy to get healthy, wholesome, home-cooked food. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and take it easy on the alcohol. Booze and food with lots of salt (hello chakna!) can cause bloating. Opt for lean meats, fruit and veg high in Vitamin C, nuts, seeds and whole grains. To wash it down - plain ol’ water.

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Inadequate sleep will gift you puffiness, tiredness and the wrong kind of smokey eye look. You’ll also be more prone to irritability - nobody wants to fight with their to-be spouse a week before saying ‘I do’ to a lifetime of togetherness. So let everyone else stay up the week before your destination wedding in Goa. You make sure you get eight hours of solid shut-eye every night.

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Avoid trying a new skincare regime a week before your wedding. There’s no saying how your skin will take it. Stick with what’s worked for you so far. Make sure you always use sunscreen when getting out - you don’t want to channel Ross Gellar on D-Day! And did we mention that the miracle drug for healthy skin is enough sleep and lots of water?

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Give all your outfits a try - shoes, accessories, all of it. Yes, this post (and blog) is for men too. Make sure everything fits as it should, and remember to break your shoes in. There’s no reason to suffer shoe bites on your wedding day. Clean your engagement rings so they don’t look dull next to your shiny new ones. And pack an emergency kit - buttons, safety pins, bandaid, preferred hygiene products, etc.

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Wedding Planner: Reynold Weddings


There’s no bummer at your destination wedding in Goa like a frantic email from your boss the night before. Make sure you’ve handed over your assignments at least a week before (we’re talking to all you workaholics). That said, there’s a lot to be done during the last seven days of wedding planning in Goa - assign jobs to responsible people, check the final headcount, and importantly, spend time with both sides of the family and bae.

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Wedding Planner


These are the folks who will make or break your dream wedding. Ensure you’ve called each one to finalise decisions and paid any advances. Talk to the photographer about your shot list, and cross-check the menu with your caterer. Get the latest on your marriage registration if you haven’t done that already. And ensure you check the honeymoon logistics.

A good wedding planner in Goa can help you deal with all of these with ease.



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