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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

It seems like COVID-19 is here to stay, and even though restrictions around the pandemic appear to be less stringent recently, trends are likely to lean towards more intimate celebrations. But that doesn’t mean destination weddings in Goa will get any less lavish - it just means there might be a smaller guest list. Here are a few trends we predict you might see this year.

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Indian weddings are known to be big, fat celebrations. But instead of the usual throngs of invitees, we will continue to see more sparse guest lists, with money spent on upping the game for these select few. Couples will go out of the way to ensure these privileged folk has the time of their lives, from personal touches to lavish arrangements.

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This will probably be where all that extra money goes. Destination weddings in Goa will no longer have just the regular sangeet with performances by family and friends. Across the numerous days of the wedding, we could see live entertainment including professional dance troupes, stand-up comedians, Bollywood glamour, magic shows, and more.

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Beachside weddings in Goa tend to offer more spectacular images during the day. Evening weddings seem so passé now, and many celebrities are also making the move to daytime dos. Celebrate your destination wedding in Goa with the glow of sunshine around you that brings to life the true colours of your décor, flowers, and trousseau.

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More and more couples are understanding the value of giving back to earth and humanity. The pandemic has taught us a lot about reaching out and helping others. We are expecting - and hoping to see - an increasing number of families including charitable donations, sustainable celebrations, food management, and more as part of their wedding planning in Goa.

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‘Less is more’ is making a comeback with brides focusing on select features of their faces. Subtlety is in, and we could see gentle smokey eyes, nude lips, and blush to match. Matte products will enhance a more natural look, with shimmery palettes on the way out. Subtle make-up also allows brides to shine a spotlight on a glamorous lehenga.

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After being cooped up without contact for two years, people are ready to party. So make your destination wedding in Goa worth the trip for all of your guests. Get in touch with a wedding planner in Goa to put together parties that your guests will talk about for months. Include exquisite décor, curated DJ gigs, over-the-top entertainment, and surprise elements.

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Begin the hunt for the best wedding photographers in Goa right away! It’s no longer just about the various events of your big celebration. Couples are opting to spend intimate moments with each other and capture these in a more relaxed atmosphere. The options are endless - beach, resort, hillside, extravagant magazine style, laidback, themed, etc. You could also sneak in a post-wedding shoot to capture that newlywed glow.

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