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Picture Credits - The Glitter Box Goa

Selecting the perfect wedding favors to give your guests to remember your most memorable and fun wedding can be a huge task especially when giving away return gifts has become a huge trend the last few seasons. Coming up with the quirkiest ideas, these brides (and grooms) have given us a competition we didn’t know we had to be a part of. Be it a mehendi or a sangeet, there are gifts for every occasion and fun and crazy ones at that. Giving away wedding favors is not an option anymore, but a trend we all have to follow. A simple gesture to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. To make your job easier we have picked some of the best unique, fun and quirky ideas for wedding favors that’ll fit all budget types through which you can express your gratitude to your guests


Candles make for the perfect take away gifts for any occasion. They smell great and give out

soft lighting for a relaxing and cozy ambience. You can customize mason jars with the bride and groom’s initials coupled with a jute wire bow to give it a rustic feel.

Picture Credits - The Glitter Box Goa

Succulent and other baby plants

Happiness in tiny glasses! These tiny plants turn out to be a great way to say thank you to

your guests for gracing your wedding with their presence. They can be used as decor elements in your homes or table ornaments for your office. These cute plants will make

your environment fresher, cleaner and relaxed. There could not be a more perfect way to

say Thank you!

Picture Credits - Augusta's Garden

Customized Coasters/Fridge Magnets

Customized items will provide your guests with great memories of your wedding and there

couldn’t be a better way than coasters or fridge magnets for the same! These chic elements

are definitely a fancy way to send your guests home filled with memories.

Picture Credits - Darius Fernandes. Coasters by Evoke by Erica

Customized mini Nutella jars

I have not come across a single person that doesn’t love Nutella. Kids love it, I’m sure adults

don’t hate it. It’s the best food ever! Customize the labels with the names of each of your

guests - a great way to remember the fun times they had at your party. An ideal party favor!

Picture Credits - Gifts By Rashi

Miniature alcohol/champagne bottles

To keep the party on even after the wedding ends, send your guests home with miniature

bottles of champagne, whiskey or wine of their favorite brands. Add a personal touch by

customizing your guests names on the labels with cute bow ties. Nothing says Grand like


Picture Credits - 17 Oz Bar Events

Imported chocolates

Nobody can resist chocolates, no matter how old or young! And what better way to thank

your guests than Chocolate boxes? An assortment of delicious and decadent selection of

imported chocolates in cute decorative boxes will make your guests remember you always.

Indian sweet box

A box of assorted Indian sweets as a giveaway for your big fat Indian wedding? Why not?

Being traditional can never go wrong! Mithais like laddu, jalebi, kaju Kathri etc. can be

added to these boxes and you can even go one step ahead and personalize the boxes with

colorful wrapping papers along with your guest’s names

Picture Credits - Fine Dining Lovers

Organic honey/herb oils

Fancy gifting something fancy like organic items to your guests? Why not? You can try out

varieties of exotic honey, jams or even herb oils in adorable bottles/jars. Order online or

simply get it gift wrapped at your favorite organic stores! A fancy and unique concept for take away gifts for your guests to remember you by

Picture Credits - Raika Honey

Goan sweets and dry fruits

Having a destination wedding in Goa and not including cashew nuts in your hamper is not

acceptable! Goa is known for its flavorsome sweet dishes such as bebinca, dos and of course

the cashew nuts. Adding these items to your hamper box will not only make your guests happy but they will

have a piece of Goan culture always in their hearts days after the wedding.

Picture Credits - Aami Goan Sweets

Bangles, sunglasses, scarves, hats

How about we go old school and start off with some bangles as giveaways for the lovely

ladies attending your mehendi function? Mehendi is known to be a colorful and fun event,

and more often the first event of continuous celebrations. Bangles and scarves are a

woman’s first love and so are sunglasses and hats for men. Everybody wins and this can

their turn out to be the best ice breaker event for fun days ahead.

Picture Credits - Kalakar Design

Tea and cookies box

Dreaming of rich and fancy giveaways? How about tea and cookies? It’s rich, it’s fancy, it’s

vintage and it’s English! A cute little box with a variety of flavored tea bags and some

cookies to go, wrapped in fancy wrapping paper and customized with your guests names

will definitely do the trick. Your guests will be amazed at the level of sophistication and would definitely want to try it

out for their own occasions.

Picture Credits - Baked and Loaded



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