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Unexpected ways to use succulents for your wedding

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Although succulents aren't traditional wedding plants, they have been a favorite amongst brides and grooms for some time now. We can see why this greenery trend is still around—succulents are durable, colorful, and low maintenance—which is why they are a no-brainer accent for your big day. After all, if they can thrive in an arid desert, they can definitely make it through your wedding. Ultimately, they're the perfect choice for any event's locale (but they'll look especially at-home if your venue is located in a dry-weather climate).

Another reason why this plant is so loved by soon-to-be newlyweds? Their sturdy make-up. Feel free to use them as escort cards (they're the perfect base for calligraphy!), place card holders, and napkin rings—however you integrate them into your design landscape, you don't have to worry about this flora falling apart. They also make cute and reliable cake toppers and confection decorations; their sturdy weight ensures they won't blow away in a breeze. A succulent's bold structure can also define the shape of a bouquet or centerpiece, making it the ideal statement plant.

Succulents come in a plethora of shapes and colors—viper's bowstring hemp features tall leaves with a dark green hue, while echeveria elegans showcase shorter, rounder mint shoots. You can even opt for burro's tail, a lime cascading iteration, or spiral aloe that grows in circular form. As you'll note from the images ahead, any succulent you choose will bring earthy texture and a touch of modernity to your event.

Picture Credit: Augusta's Garden



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