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Getting away for some quiet time after wedding planning in Goa can seem impossible at the moment. But a honeymoon amid the pandemic may not truly be out of sight. We agree that travel isn’t the best idea right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of the current situation. Here are a few ideas!

Turn your new home into your personal ‘resort’

Include honeymoon details into your wedding planning in Goa. If you’re moving into a new home together, set it up lavishly so the two of you have something fun and exciting to look forward to right after the celebration.

To make things exciting, entrust a close relative or friend to set it up for you. They could look into arranging flower petals on the bed, stocking the fridge and pantry with all your favourite treats - from Champagne and chocolates to prepped roasts that you simply stick into the oven and enjoy. Private terraces or balconies can be lit up with fairy lights, bathtubs filled with bubbles and aromatherapy candles, pre-written notes of love hidden in corners, and even a DIY indoor project to engage yourselves with during your first couple of weeks together.

Picture Credits - Sheetal Palan

Resort honeymoons

If you love being pampered, opt for a resort honeymoon. Stay safe by choosing resorts that offer the kind of activities you would like to enjoy over the course of your pandemic honeymoon - couples spa therapies, golfing and outdoor games, or absolute privacy. If your celebration is at a resort, consider adding a honeymoon onto the package when wedding planning. In Goa, resort options are a dime a dozen, so a good Goan wedding planner will help you find the right fit for your ceremonies and honeymoon.

Picture Credits - Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa

Postpone and go big

Couples who have long held dreams of their perfect honeymoon can opt to hold out for a while longer and fulfill those fantasies. Waiting until the coronavirus storm blows over can mean a bigger budget for your post-pandemic honeymoon.

You can use the time to do more research on the places you’d like to visit, bargain for discounts on tours with early bird bookings, and find deals at dream resorts you’ve always wanted to stay at.

Borrow a vacation home

Couples celebrating destination weddings in Goa can choose to honeymoon in a vacation home owned by a close friend or relative. Goa is a favourite place for a holiday home among NRIs and other HNIs. Cajole one of your relatives with a second home in Goa into lending you their private space here for a couple of weeks. It will be your home away from home that won’t set you as far back as two weeks in a resort would, and guarantees social distancing.

Picture Credits - Iksha Villa

Virtual travel

Invest in some new tech for the best virtual reality experiences across the world. With just a decent internet connection and some VR headsets, you’ll feel like you’re right where you wanted to be. Some virtual tours are free at the moment including The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, the Louvre in Paris and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. And it’s not just indoor tours you can enjoy, visit Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, Zambia’s Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon in the US all in one day! You can take a virtual reality trip to see the Northern Lights, go on pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, descend into the vents of the Ambrym volcano and explore an Egyptian tomb. Kruger National Park even brings the full-blown safari experience into your home.

So go on, tour the world with bae from the safety and comfort of your couch!



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