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Christmas is almost here, full of cheer and goodwill. It's time to share the magic of Christmas. And what is Christmas without presents? In order to make this Christmas extra special for your love, you'll need to put in a little more effort and we are here to help you do exactly that. Because nothing comes close enough to Christmas like a well thought gift. We place before you a plethora of local vendors all you have to do is choose! Also, no gift is too small when it comes tied up in love!


A girl can never have enough jewellery, someone once said. And you can find jewellery to match every season. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and scroll through Javeri's Christmas collection here in Goa. From blood red rubies, lush emeralds and sparkling diamonds, to pure gold and silver, we guarantee, you won't be lacking for choice. Still reading? Go buy some sparkle for your lady love!

Picture Credits - Javeris


Scented candles add another level of romance to a dinner for two, and their delicious fragrance will help relax you two rather quickly! Home Crafted

by Emera Remedios, has gorgeous handmade candles, not to mention a wide array of soaps and cosmetics. Did we mention her products are eco- friendly? So go shopping and know you're helping your environment too! In addition, she keeps in tune with the spirit of the season in design as well as in wrapping.

Picture Credits - Homecrafted Soaps


Love the power of words and the intimacy they carry? Then a letter from you to yours is a sure thing. So pen your love down and blame it all on Christmas. As it's all about

paper, you will be able to further embellish your thoughts, along with their fabulous custom made designs. Take up your pen and paper and pen down your sweetest thoughts for your special one this merry Christmas.


If you have already found your perfect gift, make it extra special by purchasing one of the lovely wooden boxes offered at Its all about paper. Their beauty is only less compared to the treasures you may store in them. They also offer to set the mood up for you lovebirds during your Christmas with their elegant table lamps. Their stunning and intricate work will surely catch your eye!

Picture Credits - It's All About Paper


Perhaps it's your first Christmas together! Why not find a special ornament to remember it by for years to come? It would hold significant personal value and could be something you both cherish together and even have as a heirloom! Tuktuk Goa has some of the cutest, homemade ornaments that would definitely help light up your tree. They also offer a number of ceramic candle holders that twin with this season. If you ask us, a candle lit setting can never go wrong!

Picture Credits - Tuk Tuk Goa


If you think getting the perfect gift for your better half is tough during Christmas, then we

have just the right thing for you. Hampers! And not just any ordinary hampers. If your significant other is a definite foodie, then you have a choice between two here in Goa. Cavatina's chef Avinash has curated a European styled Hamper with cookies, cake, wine & cheese, or a traditional coconut Hamper by Our White Door packed with Goan goodies. And if sadly you have missed the opportunity to try Emera's amazing homemade products before, now's your chance to pamper your spouse! After all,the best way to your loved one's heart, is indeed through lip-smacking food. Lastly, Furnishing Depot has put together wine,

candles and flowers, a classic hamper that is perfect for a romantic candle lit dinner at home.

Picture Credits - Our White Door

Picture Credits - Furnishing Depot

So there you have it! No matter what you decide to gift your dearest, we are sure it will be




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